Sunday, May 1, 2022


A couple of days after loosing Lync I drove out to his breeders house for a walk. It was comforting to be there with her. Lync loved going out there to train, play and visit. It was a happy place for us both. While walking Liz mentioned to me that Avey, who has MuddyFlats Kennel, had a male puppy that she and Liz co bred. They had held on to this puppy with hopes of finding him a home in Alberta with someone who would show him as well as doing other Performance Events with him. Liz and Avey wanted to know if I might consider giving him a home. I went home and talked to Brad about it. We decided to make the drive to Camrose and go see him. It was difficult. I cried as he licked my face. I missed Lync so much. We decided to bring him home and give it a week. I needed to make sure I could open my Heart to him so soon after loosing Lync. I also wanted to make sure he was a good fit in our home and that Ash would accept him. It only took a day for me to decide, I wanted him. I let Avey and Liz know. To my surprise Avey offered him to me free of charge. They would like to co own him with me and one day allow him to be used for breeding if they chose to do so. I was so thrilled! Of course I said yes! Tarn has helped to heal my heart. He has been the best puppy. He is smart and energetic and I absolutely adore him !I still miss Lync so much but my Heart doesn't hurt as much. I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that Tarn was there because I needed him. The Universe had chosen this path for me and I am very blessed .


So it's now been 5 months since I had to put Lync to sleep. I'm just now able to write about it. Lync was entered in our local dog show November 19-21 2021. He had a fantastic weekend. He won Best of Breed at all 4 shows. He won a Group 3rd one day and he would of had a Group Placement on the last day but he was showing signs in the Group Ring of not feeling well. He also won Best Male Veteran 2 days and Best Veteran in Breed and Group on the last day. I had to pull him from the Veteran Group Competion. There was a wonderful entry of Flatcoats at this show, 17 to be exact with 7 Specials which made his wins all the more wonderful! On Sunday when I put him up on the grooming table before Group Judging I noticed something was wrong. He wasn't wagging his tail, licking my face or trying to pull my mask off. When I brought him to ringside he perked up so we all thought he was hot as the building was quite warm. I gave him to his handler and sat down to watch. As soon as he started to move I looked to my friends and said "something is wrong with him " To make a long story short I ended up bringing him to the Emergency Vet Care straight from the show. A day later we were in Calgary seeing a Specialist. Covid meant I had to wait in the van while he was examined. Within 15 minutes the Vet called. I couldnt believe what I was hearing. Lync's belly and chest were filled with fluid. He had a tumor on his heart, it was hemangiosarcoma. Lync was just 8 years old. I knew the risk of this happening when I decided to get a Flatcoat. Cancer is in every single line of Flatcoats. Some live to old age but a huge majority never even see double digits. I made the choice right then to end his suffering. I went in the clinic and sat on the floor with him. He was so sick he wasnt even engaging with me. He just wanted to lay down. His handler Pat who lives in Calgary came down to say goodbye as well. Pat, the Vet and I sat on the floor. While Pat and I patted him and told him what a great dog he had been and that we loved him, the Vet ended his suffering. I was devasted. Lync was my Heart. My constant shadow. He only had eyes for me. He loved me so much, and I him. I was comforted by remembering our summer we had just spent together. I had quit my job in June and Lync and I hit the road together. We travelled to compete in Dog Shows, Field Events, Sprinters and Barnhunt. We visited my sister in Sherwood Park for a week. We had the best time together . My Heart still hurts. There is an emptiness there now. How I loved that boy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021


So so much has happened. At the moment all I can write is that I had to put Lync to sleep on Tuesday November 23 2021. I am heartbroken. He was only 8 years old. I will write more when I'm able.

Sunday, October 3, 2021


I don't post very often about Ash as he is not doing any performance things and he is done showing as well. Rest assured though that he is enjoying his life to the fullest. He is probably the sweetest dog I have ever owned and we love him very much! On September 14 Ash had to go to Calgary for teeth cleaning as well as needing some extractions. He wasn't able to have it done in town as he was high risk to put under anesthesia. When Ash was neutered he would stop breathing. Ash is MDR1 mutant/mutant. This is a gene that affects Collies and Collie crosses. It makes them super sensitive to medications and anesthesia. Some Collies are normal/normal and some are normal/mutant so they are less at risk. Anyway we drove down the night before as he needed to be at the clinic early. The surgery went off with no issues, yay! He needed both lower right side back molars pulled. The one had extremely inflamed roots and the one beside it had a cavity down to the pulp. Poor Ash must have been so uncomfortable! He also had 2 lower front teeth pulled. One had started sticking straight out for some unknown reason and I'm really not sure about the other one but I bet it was also moving. It's been just over 2 weeks since the surgery and everything is healing nicely. He still has stitches but those will dissolve soon. I am now brushing Ash's teeth. He is my first Collie that won't let me scale his teeth so brushing it is! Hopefully he won't need any more surgeries in the future.

Barn Hunt

On September 11 & 12 I entered Lync in a Barn Hunt Trial. He had competed at the Open Level a few times before but not since Covid hit. He had never managed to Q in those trials. Going into the September Trials it had been 2 years since we competed. On Day 1 we had 2 Trials, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. At the 1st Trial he Q'd! I was actually shocked as I was not expecting to! Not only did he Q but he came 1st in his large dog class and then 1st in the entire Open Class! he found both rats in just over a minute! In the afternoon he Q'd again! I was so excited! He got 3rd in his large dog class this time. He found the first rat right away but it took him a bit of searching to find the 2nd one. On Day 2 he alerted pretty much right away, he ran in, veered left and frantically dug at a tube so I called it, Nope! it was not a rat, darn, that would have given him his Open Title. We won't have another trial close to home until next September now. I will have to decide if I want to go out of town earlier. There won't be any trials until Spring now so I have lots of time to decide. There was a Sprinters Trial this weekend in Strathmore but I decided to skip it. I'll have to wait until Spring for another trial now as well. He should get his Advanced Title at that one as he is just needing 200 points for it. This really has been an amazing summer for Lync. I might try him in Nosework for something new. Ash has already taken a beginner class so if I continue on with Ash in the classes I will teach Lync at home.