Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve

Sitting here trying to find the motivation to make my stuffing.  I like so many people my age just go through the motions at Christmas time. The older you get the more family you loose.
This year I am trying hard to stay in the present and not dwell on the past.  I just miss my family so much.  I have a brother in Thunder Bay and a sister in Sherwood Park.  My sister is just a 5 hour drive away but she has her own family.
I am reminded how fortunate I am to have my husband, my health and my dogs.  So many losses this year for people. One of my co workers died 3 days ago after a short illness.  I feel for her family.  My good friend lost her husband recently and I'm sad for her this Christmas. Another friends life was lost tragically recently as well. How sad for her family .
So hug your loved ones tightly, never miss an opportunity to tell them how much you love them.  Life is short so make the best of it.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

A Twiggy Wreath

Today I spent the day at Lync's breeders house making wreaths from twigs, and sage and grasses and other stuff I haven't a clue about!  I am not a very crafty person but I gotta say my wreath turned out pretty darn good! I think I'll hang it outside on our gate and hope it doesn't blow away in the Southern Alberta wind.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

O' Christmas Tree

The past few years I haven't been in the Christmas spirit and I certainly did not want to put up a tree.  This year Brad wanted a tree. I  was reminded by a good friend of mine that I was fortunate to have someone to buy gifts for or set a tree up for.  My friend lost her husband this year so has no one to celebrate with.  It was a good reminder to be thankful for what I have. So on Friday night Brad and I went and picked out a tree then decorated it together yesterday.  I didn't put all of my ornaments on it but it still looks pretty.  I'm glad it's up now and we can enjoy it together.

Friday, November 29, 2019


On Monday November 25 my friend Betty was waiting at a stop sign when an impaired driver lost control of his car and broadsided her, she did not survive.  Betty was on her way to dog class with her corgi Sadie.  A year ago Betty bought an impact crate for Sadie, I remember how happy she was to have it, it was purple, Betty's favourite colour.  Sadie survived the accident because of this crate.

I am  having a hard time wrapping my head around her death.  I am no stranger to death, I have lost my mom, dad, sister and many aunts, uncles and cousins.  Betty's death was different, sudden and it didn't have to happen.  This man decided to get behind a wheel and drive while impaired.
I keep thinking that if she had just left home 5 minutes earlier or later she would have lived.

I trust there is a reason for everything, at least I hope so.  Maybe Betty's death will help the impaired driver get the help he needs, who knows.  For now I will mourn the death of a special friend and wait for the healing to begin.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my friend Judy's Birthday.  We took our dogs out to Lync's breeders house for a nice long dog walk and then we had a Birthday lunch.  I couldn't take Kort as I can't get him into the van by myself and the walk would have been way too long for him. I miss him so much on days like this, I wish so much he could join us.
The weather was perfect!  It was sunny and warm with no wind, just like Spring .

Enjoy some pictures from the day......

Ash, Lync, Puffin, Westin & Areo