Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Tate !!!

The Birthday Boy, taken by Amanda Labadie

Today Tate is 12 years old.

I never thought I would have him this long, he was so sick last September.  He came back from that episode and became even better then ever. He has since been to the Canadian National Collie Specialty and won Best Rough Veteran.  He is full of spark and is enjoying every second of his life, and I am enjoying every second of his life with him.  I don't want it to end, ever.  The love I have for him is very deep, everyone loves their dogs , I know, but Tate helped me at a time in my life when my depression was rearing it's ugly head.  I had lost Drake a year before, Brad told me I was depressed, that I needed a dog, I thought he was crazy, I didn't want to put my heart out there ever again, but I wrote my breeder.  She had bred Tate's mom and the puppies were due in just one week, how was that for timing?  I told her I might ber interested in a sable male if she had one.

Fast forward a week, Tate's breeder called and left a message on my answering machine, the litter was born, 5 puppies, 3 sable girls, 2 tri boys.  I listened to the message and started to cry.  I did not want a tri colour, I  disliked the colour, what surprised me is I hadn't realized that I even wanted another dog until I thought I wasn't getting one.

Brad came home and through my tears I told him we weren't getting a puppy, that the boys were tri coloured.  He said "so, why can't we get a tri colour?? you can always have a brown one later"  Ha ha, so that is how Tate came to be, thank you Brad.

I have always said Tate is perfect, he has never ever done anything wrong, his temperament is absolutely perfect, he is gentle with children, loves all people, loves all animals, he is amazing, I am crying just thinking about how wonderful he is and how much joy he has brought, and is still bringing, into my life

I love you Tater dog, and I hope to love you for many more years , Happy Birthday Old Friend ♥

Monday, April 7, 2014

Easy Come, Easy Go

There were 2 things I wanted to do with my tax refund this year,
#1 and most important, pay for Lync, done!
#2 buy a rug cleaner, done!, it looks like the one above, I am thrilled to death with it!!!! Tate has had numerous accidents in the house in the last year, pee and poop! so this baby is a godsend!!!  I've done the livingroom already and will tackle the halls and bedroom tomorrow. 
The money was nice to have, and I didn't waste it on silly things so I am proud of myself.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

13 years

It's 13 years today that I helped Drake over the Rainbow Bridge, miss you Drake ♥

In his breeders hands

one of the pictures his breeder sent me (by mail) so I could see him

The first time I saw Drake, picked him up at the Minneapolis airport

My favourite picture of us

Drakes' last time in the show ring, he was 10 years old and we competed in Veterans

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Not much happening these days, but I am always busy doing something, sounds weird but it's true.  Not working means more work, just in other areas.  I am always cooking, mostly for the dogs but I am also cooking meals for Brad when he is on days, he likes this and thinks I should stay home forever, I agree !  I walk alot, it helps to clear my mind, I still struggle with anxiety so walking helps.

I am physically still having a rough time, mornings are brutal, getting out of bed is a challenge, especially my back and hip.  I am still not sleeping, I finally have my sleep clinic appt on Monday, just to measure the amount of oxygen I am getting, not sure how they will get an accurate reading if I am not asleep!

Lync is growing up and his training is going well, last week at class was the first time I felt like he was attentive only to me, he wasn't looking around at all the other dogs, he is understanding he is working at that moment.  It still needs to be finalized, but Lync is officially all mine now! Not just being raised by me, but mine, bought and paid for ! It feels good, thank goodness for people like Liz and Andy ,  they knew Lync was the perfect dog for me so they made sure I got him.

My van is still a disaster, so many things still wrong with it, I try very hard not to think about it, it really depresses me, like alot.

I am trying Kort on raw again, it's been 8 days, it's also been 8 days of diarrhea, not frantic running outside every half hour, but when he goes it is not formed, it was once though, that gave me hope that it will happen again.   I am going to stick it out for a bit longer as Kort loves it! Right now I am just giving him chicken, not balanced I know, but it won't hurt him for a long time to eat this way, I am hoping to get his system used to just one protein before I add more.

Tate is amazing, going to the dog show rejuvenated him! I am so happy!!

Well that's all of the little bits of stuff happening that I can think of for now

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Camrose Dog show , Part 2

Well this is Tate's story, I've already said it all, an experience and memories that will last me a lifetime, of course I put together an tragically long long video for him, so feel free to watch it , or not