Friday, July 18, 2014

3rd seizure

I am sitting here, numb, waiting for the vet to call.  Not my regular vet, shes on holidays :(

Brad woke me at 7 am saying Tate needed me, he was having his 3rd seizure, just 16 days after the last one, they are coming closer together.  I got an entire Valium into him and just waited, this one didn't seem as bad, by that I just mean there was less whining, I think due to the entire Valium.

I was ready, going to call the vet as soon as they opened and bring him in and help him cross over the bridge.  Then Brad says lets wait the weekend and see how it goes.

I am just a mess, so torn, I don't want Tate to go through this, I don't want to go through this, it hurts my heart.  But now I am thinking, well what if he could go on seizure medication, or more Valium everyday, would that help?  What if it isn't a brain tumour, am I being too quick to end things?  The longer the vet is taking to call me the more I am finding reasons not to do this.   For instance, he ate and enjoyed it. 

I managed to get him upstairs by myself, it was not pretty, he fought back and couldn't co ordinate his legs :(  Once outside he wandered a bit but then did go to the bathroom.  Getting him back in was another challenge, he appeared disorientated again, lacking in sight.  I grabbed the harness Wendy had borrowed me and was able to get him into the porch.  I tried to see if I could get him either up stairs or downs stairs, we live in a split, but there was no way, he has lost his depth perception, I think it is too soon after his seizure, his brain is still foggy. 

I sat with him in the porch again, put down his dog bed and some water and that is where he has been for a half hour, sleeping thankfully.

This sucks so bad, I want to scream but I need to hold it together for Tate, I am trying not to think of anything, however my life is at a standstill right now.  I don't want to move from the house until I know Tate is either going to be ok or not. 

I wish I had the answers....

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2nd Seizure

Tate on his 10th Birthday, taken by Wendy Devent
Late in the evening of July 1st, which I guess would be July 2nd, Tate had his second seizure.  I heard him barking downstairs, found him trapped under the table, his chest soaked from drool.  He must have been wandering and bouncing off things before he got trapped as I could see a couple of dropped book shelves and pictures on the floor.  That breaks my heart to know I wasn't there the second he needed me.  I sat on the floor holding him for about a half hour , he was struggling to get away from me, when he is having a seizure he wants to move around,  he doesn't really "know" what he wants, but that is what he does.
I had given him half of a Valium at 1 am , at 1:30 he still wasn't settling so my husband and I carried him up to our back porch.  We put up a gate, I sat on the stairs , gave him another half of a Valium, and just let him circle.  He kept whining continually as well :(
Each time he stopped by me I tried to get his head, massage his ears, see if he was coming out of it, but no, it lasted until 2:30 before he finally laid down, we were both exhausted.  I laid on floor in the porch with him for another hour or so, just to make sure he was sleeping and not going to have another one.

My vet told me to give him a whole Valium right off the bat next time.  This seizure was 2 months between, now we will wait and see when the next one will happen.  They will eventually start coming closer together, I hope they don't start lasting longer .

The strange thing is Tate's breeder emailed me again just a couple of days before this seizure, another littermate of Tate's had passed away, first Crusier, then Haley a week later, so scary for me to hear this 

Tate slept a bit more then usual for a few days after his seizure and he seems somewhat weaker in his hind quarters, other then that his appetite is good, even excessive, he always wants to eat now , that is fine with me, whatever Tate wants , Tate gets these days ♥

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day 2014

Happy Canada everyone! 

Today I am thankful for my health, the warmth of the sunshine, a husband who loves me and works so hard so I can be home right now to recover, and for my 3 loves, Tate, Kort and Lync ♥

Happy Canada Everyone !

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cancer Sucks

Joanne and Jane
So my sisters oncology team has decided Joanne will need 15 more radiation treatments now that her chemo is over, her tumors have shrunk, but not enough to make them happy.

Joanne remains positive, not sure how, we are all a mess, worried sick for her, but not able to show it. 
I take comfort in knowing that she is happier right now then she has ever been in her life.  She has a partner who loves the ground she walks on, who will do anything she can to make her days filled with joy, she has 3 children to care for, something Joanne always wanted but never had .  They just moved to their forever home and it is beautiful, with any luck Joanne will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Lync happily retrieves his bumper, photo by Andy Hurley

I have begun training Lync to retriever his bumper.  It is fun to learn a new sport and I am enjoying it so far.  I would love to attempt his WC this August at the Canadian National held in Kamloops.
I need to get serious about having him bring the bumper back to me, or at least in the vicinity of me! He happily runs out to retrieve it but thinks it is a great prize and doesn't want it taken away. 

I have started "hold" at home, he is doing pretty well with that after just a few lessons.
He has retrieved bumpers with feathers on them and thinks they are great!  He has yet to retrieve an actual bird, hopefully we will be doing that this week.

I also need to decide which dog shows we will attend this summer.  There will be a Flatcoat booster in August at Spruce Meadows so that one is a given.  It is 4 days of showing so I am not sure whether to enter all 4 days, I am leaning toward doing that though, crazy not to enter when there is competition available for points :)   This will be the first time for me to show Lync myself, I am very excited !  Lync will be 10 months old tomorrow, time is going way too fast!  I may have to "borrow" one of Liz's 10 week old puppies for a bit :)

There will be Scenthurdle on the Saturday at Spruce Meadows as well so Kort will be able to do that.  I am not sure what to do with Tate, he loves to be home now, he is very unsettled when he is not, but I can't leave him home as Brad works 12 hour shifts and with his commute he is gone from home for 14 hours each day.  We are able to stay at a friends place, well in their heated garage, which is fine with me! Hopefully Tate won't mind it, and the dog show is outside so he can lay in his x pen at the show.
Speaking of Tate his appetite has been off the past week, that worries me, he has always been a good eater , I increased his metacam a bit today to see if that helps,  poor guy, getting old sucks .

That is pretty much all the is happening in my end of the world, my van has been at the body work place for 6 days now, I hope I get the call soon that he is finished.  I really hate driving Brad's car.

Kort, Lync and Tate enjoying the perfect summer weather , how lucky am I to have 3 wonderful dogs that I absolutely adore!!