Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beginners Agility

Last Wednesday Lync graduated from his Beginners Level 1 Agility class.  I love going to classes, the barn is gorgeous, for a barn!, it is warm and clean, I do have trouble keeping Lync's nose off the ground however, he loves all the smells in the dirt :)

Beginners Level 2 starts this coming Wednesday but I will be in California picking up Ash so I will miss the first night, I am not too worried, Lync seems to pick up things quickly.

Here is a picture of our graduating class from the other night as well as the certificate we got  :)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Getting Excitied

Thank you everyone for all your kind comments and compliments on the dogs and I!  I am getting more excited all the time, thinking in just 3 days I will see my new baby!!!

I am slowly getting things organized in the house, I think I'm done, I have a crate in the bedroom for him to sleep in, and a crate in the livingroom if I just need to put him away for a bit & I can't watch him.

The rest of the stuff, like bowls, leashes, collars I already have a ton of.  

I moved the china cabinet to make room for the crate

The crate, the bed will not stay in there, it is Perkins old bed and I thought Ash would like to curl up in it :)

The blanket I made for Ash's crate in the bedroom, i just love this pattern!!!

Bedroom crate
The puppies got a bath today, Diana sent me a picture of them drying, Ash is curled up at the back of the picture

Ash is the tri curled up with his back to us

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Surprise ??

I'm getting a puppy.....yup, just like that.  He is in California and I am flying there on Monday and bringing him back on Thursday.
His name is ASH, Brad picked it, his registered name will be Entais Storm Winds, I picked it :)

5 weeks
My mom is angry with me for getting him, she thinks it is too soon, I have put up with smart ass comments on Facebook about how nice it must be to be able to fly all over and travel like I do to dog shows, I felt attacked and it sucked the joy out of getting this puppy , but just for a day. 
I ended up taking down every post I had put up of him on Facebook, and every picture.  I am done with the people that feel they have the right to comment on your business from the safety of their homes.  I was hurt, I am super sensitive, it matters to me what people think.

I love my dogs, fully, completely, whole hardheartedly, I would die for my dogs.  I need them in my life,  I went 2 years without a dog once, bad move on my part,  Talk about depression.  If I didn't have a dog in my life I would stay in bed all day, honest I would.

My dogs are fed before I eat, if I only had 5 dollars, I would spend it on my dogs first.  They want for nothing, I do everything to make sure they are happy.  So why then do people, including my family, feel I cant handle another dog?? In my opinion it is way harder and more costly to have an old sick dog then a young puppy.

I know it's my fault, too much personal information on Facebook being shared, but no more, I will still post, but just generic everyday meaningless stuff.  No more personal things.

I said at one time that the Collies were too hard to keep up now for me, Flatcoats were my breed for sure.  I didnt lie, they are! But, so are Collies.  I think alot of that was my depression and anxiety talking.
At this point in our lives Brad and I felt it was better to have a Collie then another Flatcoat,  Lync is big and strong and all muscle,  He is also pushy and strong and wants whatever Kort has.
Kort is pretty sore these days, so one pushy boy is good for now,   I will have another Flatcoat, Lyncs son I hope,  But for now the Collie is a better fit.

So stay tuned for pictures because you will only see them here for awhile, not sure I will ever post any to Facebook, we'll see :)

5 weeks

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Not Much going On

Reverse side
Cover for Kort's crate pad
Cover for Kort's orthopedic pad
Not too much happening over here, still doing a ton of sewing, I find the minute my mind isn't occupied then my anxiety returns :(  I hate it!!!

One good thing to come out of all my sewing , I got an order for a crate pad cover!! How fun is that!  I told my friend that it wont be perfect, I am not a seamstress , not even close!, but it will be cute lol!

There are also going to be some changes around my house soon, more to come on that topic later.

That's about it, sewing and walking the dogs, my life :) 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spare Bedroom

One of the positive effects of the Ambilify is that I feel normal enough , and have energy enough, to do things I have put off for more then a year.

This morning I spent a few hours cleaning and rearranging the basement bedroom.  Brad uses the bedroom alot when he is on nights, he gets home at 8am and heads downstairs , showers and goes to bed.  It works well as I can carry on with house work or training , or sewing and not worry about waking him.  So when I did the room today I did it with him in mind, I added a few pictures of him and his dad, and just made it comfortable for a big guy to maneuver around in a small space.  I really like it and can't wait for him to see it tonight when he gets home :)

TV with VCR for watching Boxing :)
Cozy with manly bedding , lol
My Baba's dresser!, Books and videos, Brads a big reader, I think it's super cozy!
Picture of Brad's Dad when he played professional football and Brad and his Dad.

Well that was short lived! so glad I thought to take pictures, Brad hated it :(   I ended up moving everything back to the way it was before, at least it's clean I guess 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

All Done :)

Here is the finished wall in the livingroom, I love it !

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I have been updating the house a bit the last little while.  We have lived here for 8 years and I haven't really done anything.  I thought when we first moved here we were going to buy our own house but that looks to be just a dream now sadly.  I guess I will update this one to make it more ours, nothing too drastic or expensive, just a bit of paint for some colour.  I also need to get our landlady to take out this rug, it is orange/brown and I HATE it!!!  I would rather have some hardwood laminate put down and then put a big area rug there.

Today I have started the one living room wall, I have the first coat done and I really like it, can't wait for it to dry to put on the second coat  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stupid Cancer

Joanne and Jane, New Year's Eve at my niece's Wedding
2 weeks ago when my sister Joanne had my mom at the emergency she mentioned to me through texts , that her back hurt, she thought she had a kidney stone. I of course told her to get her butt over the Dr and have it checked.
She got it checked yesterday.  It's another growth, a lesion as the Dr called it, the size of her thumb nail, on on her diaphragm.  This is the same Cancer she had in her back last year when they had to go in, remove it, some ribs, and put in a plate to support her spine as the tumor was breaking her bones :(
So the Cancer is on the move again, it scares the crap out of me.   It of course is in her lymph nodes which is why it has access to wherever it wants to rear its ugly little head in her body :(
She was on her way to pain management when I last spoke with her today, no doubt getting morphine.  She already is taking oral chemo and will be for the rest of her life.  They want to try to do radiation on the new area.

You can imagine our family is quite worried. Joanne though puts up a very brave front, I wish I had half her courage!

Her wedding is in May, we are so looking forward to this celebration with her and Jane!!  I am happy as this gives her something fun to look forward to, and God knows she certainly deserves it

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Little of This, A Little of That

In my last post I talked about the new medication I was taking and how much better it was making me feel.
Lately I been feeling like doing something with my days other then my normal routine of cleaning, walking the dogs, and training the dogs etc.  So, I decided to sew! lol  I have been making dog blankets, for the bed, the crates in the van, and blankets just because I liked the material  :)  I find it extremely relaxing, my mind just concentrates on the sewing and I don't feel as much anxiety !

Love this material!!
2 blankets for the dogs crates
Dog blanket for the bed, easier to clean then the comforter!
Today I experimented and made Lync a vest , a nice orange so he can wear it if we are doing field work, but only when its cold, it's make from fleece haha!

A not so thrilled Lync in his vest :)
I wish I could draw, I would do more craft things for around the house, pictures and stuff.

A few days ago I got this gorgeous tri colour ornament made of glass from a friend, I hung it in my window and will leave it there all year, not just bring it out for Christmas.

Beautiful glass ornament
I also got my memorial Tate necklace made, I love it and it makes me happy too

Angel wings, Forever in my Heart Charm, Rainbow Charm, surround Tate with Love

So there you have it,  a happier me, hope it lasts!!!