Monday, February 9, 2015

A Little of This, A Little of That

In my last post I talked about the new medication I was taking and how much better it was making me feel.
Lately I been feeling like doing something with my days other then my normal routine of cleaning, walking the dogs, and training the dogs etc.  So, I decided to sew! lol  I have been making dog blankets, for the bed, the crates in the van, and blankets just because I liked the material  :)  I find it extremely relaxing, my mind just concentrates on the sewing and I don't feel as much anxiety !

Love this material!!
2 blankets for the dogs crates
Dog blanket for the bed, easier to clean then the comforter!
Today I experimented and made Lync a vest , a nice orange so he can wear it if we are doing field work, but only when its cold, it's make from fleece haha!

A not so thrilled Lync in his vest :)
I wish I could draw, I would do more craft things for around the house, pictures and stuff.

A few days ago I got this gorgeous tri colour ornament made of glass from a friend, I hung it in my window and will leave it there all year, not just bring it out for Christmas.

Beautiful glass ornament
I also got my memorial Tate necklace made, I love it and it makes me happy too

Angel wings, Forever in my Heart Charm, Rainbow Charm, surround Tate with Love

So there you have it,  a happier me, hope it lasts!!!

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