Wednesday, August 24, 2016

3 years!

3 years ago today Lync was born!  He is my constant companion and I can't imagine not having him to share my life with! Happy Birthday Buddy!!

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Next weekend I will be at the Saskatoon Dog Show with Lync.  I have never been there so I am really looking forward to it!  I will be travelling with Liz so we will have some great conversations along the way as it is an 8 hour drive!
The entry is great ! Show 1, there are 11, Show 2, there are 14, Show 3 which is also the booster we have 16! and Show 4 there are 15!  I of course am hoping to finish Lync's Grand championship, I need either a Best of Breed, Best of Opposite or a Select dog on a couple of days, here's hoping!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Work- Month Two

Lots has changed since I started working.  I have gone from 5 hours a day to 6, from Tuesdays off to working them and from just bathing and drying dogs to being a groomer!  I swore I would never groom again but here I am grooming.  The bathing didn't work out because of my back pain, I just couldn't take the bending over the low tub all day. 
The good thing about grooming is the raise, I got a 30 cent raise on this cheque so I can't complain!  I am still nervous though, every day is new dogs for me.  At my own shop I knew all the dogs and how to groom them, but here I feel like such a beginner.  It will take time, I'll get over it , hopefully soon.  I always bring on extra anxiety that I don't need to so I am trying to just trust my talent and go with the flow.
Everyday I am getting more comfortable and my boss is doing everything to make me feel that way .   

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Versatility Dog Award

Yesterday I got the plaque Lync earned for having gotten 3 titles in 3 different categories from the Flatcoat Club of Canada.  He has a title in Conformation - his Championship, in Field - his Working Certificate, and in Obedience - his Rally Novice.  This is level one of the Versatility Awards, the next level you need to earn 5 titles I believe.
 I am enjoying training Lync, right now we are working toward the next level in Field work as well as getting his Companion Dog title in Obedience . 

Training with Lync

Yesterday morning I went to Keho Lake with Judy and Liz to do some Retriever Training with Lync. I am loving learning this new to me sport.  Lync has his novice title , or WC, already and I would like to get his Intermediate title as well, or WCI.  Not sure we will ever get to the master level but you never know!!
I don't practice at all during the week so he is not a sharp on marking as he could be.  Marking is watching where the bumper has dropped when the thrower throws it.  At times he goes off to the side or past where it has dropped.  I am going to try hard to practice more. 
After training all the dogs got to play together and Liz took some great pictures of Lync. I rarely take pictures of Lync as it is hard to get good ones of a black dog.