Friday, May 18, 2018

New Title!

Last weekend Lync and I went to a Trial just outside of Calgary AB, we were entered in Rally Advanced.  I did not do the Intermediate Title as I didn't see a need for it, just a CKC money grab if you ask me :) Anyway Lync passed in 3 straight Trials with Scores of 90, 89, & 98! He placed third, fourth and second in his Advanced B class respectively, giving him his RA title.
Now we need to learn the new Excellent signs so we can enter our show in November.  Our Flatcoat National is in August but I'm not sure I will enter there after last years disaster! Outdoor shows have lots of yummy smells lets say.

Lync was also used as a Junior Handlers dog , he was such a good boy for 10 year old Paisley even though they had just met.  Paisley took 2 second places in her class.  What a great temperament Lync has!!
Lync and Paisley 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Double Digits !!

Today Kort turned 10 years old!! I can't believe 10 years has gone by.
Kort was a challenge to say the least in his early years, I worked very hard to have the wonderful dog I have today.  He is gentle and easy going.  He loves to bark at anyone who dares to walk up the side walk.  He barks when he is happy too, he pretty much barks all the time! haha! Today I brought him to work where he had a bath, he always feels so much better afterwards.  I can see him aging however, in his joints mostly. His hocks and pasterns are breaking down, his feet are flattening out. These are all common signs when dogs get older but usually not so early.  Kort has a bone spur in his spine as well as arthritis in his spine.  He is on a super great quality supplement to help him manage inflammation and pain. If he is in pain you would never know it, he is very stoic. I love him with all my heart and hope I have him for many more years :)

I also put an ad in Collies On Line, it turned out great!