Monday, December 17, 2012

Kort's Second time tracking

Yesterday I went out to do another bit of tracking with Kort. 
He is so keen on this!! He makes me really excited.  We are still at the short , one track phase right now.  At one point you will see he stops as a dog & owner are walking by, but he goes back to work .  This was AMAZING! I have never, ever, seen Kort not whine & carry on when he sees another dog. We are talking 4 & a half years here of never, but he went back to his track!!!!!
Good Boy ♥

Kort's short lesson......

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kort Tracking

Finally getting around to write about Kort's first lesson!  He was super keen like I knew he would be.

Things have changed alot since I began with Tate so it was all new for me as well.

In the following video you will see there are 3 scent pads, after the 3rd scent pad is a very short serpentine track. There is food on each pad, the idea is to gently pull Kort away before he finished all the food, this makes him eager & excited to get to the next scent pad . At the 3rd scent pad I have placed a piece of food in each footstep of the serpentine track.  My job was to cup my hand on each step to hold/pool the scent for Kort.  He had to go to each step to get the food, not skip over steps.
It was hard! Kort was really pulling although you can't see it.  Plus it was hard for me to stay bent over that long, my back was hurting lol!

I have to do this for about a month, twice a week.  It isn't as fun as tracking, but I have learned from all my other dog sports , that if you don't take the time to put in a solid foundation it comes back to bite you!! I want Kort to be a nose down, footstep tracker so I will do what I have to,
enjoy the video :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Tate's Urban Track

Yesterday we did a short Urban track just to see where Tate was at without doing any tracking for over  5 years.  I thought that if he seems to get back into the swing of it I may try for his UTD title next summer, or at the very least just have fun with him & keep his mind stimulated.

The video wasn't the best so I will do a picture video :)

Here is a picture of his track, this shot was taken in the summer obviously, but that is his exact track from yesterday, you'll just have to imagine the snow :)  The blue flag is the start, with the red X being his glove. The pink lines show where Tate tracked.

At the Scent pad......

The first leg, notice the waggy tail :)......

Approaching the first turn which goes left......

Tate went up toward the building before returning back & nailing his turn......

We had to pass through some trees, Tate had trouble here, he kept going under the trees, I had to help him through by pointing to his track......

His track went along side this curb, he went back toward the bushes before deciding the track went along the curb, he found this difficult but kept trying......

Here he is approaching his MOT turn, (Moment of Truth),  it is always on a non vegetation surface & is the last leg of the track. He looks left which is the right way but goes forward toward the signs to make sure......

He comes back to me & circles a bit around me checking......

He stops to look at me for confidence, I encourage him & ask "where is your track? ......

Being a very good boy he sets off again :) ......

He parallels the track a bit wide but comes back to it, I am standing on the track......

On track now , he knows he's close.  We can see the glove but he doesn't , can you see it ?...

Love this shot :) ......

Hurray my glove!! He didn't forget how to open it to get the treats out!
He was so excited, he carried it proudly all the way back to the van.
Good boy Tater ♥

Next post will be Kort's first lesson

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Best Laid Plans

I was so excited for today, it was my first tracking class with Donna since I left Thunder Bay in 2007.  Donna was my tracking coach there & without her help I would never have gotten Tate's TD.

Anyway, everything seemed to go wrong today, except for the actual tracking part.

It started at 8am , I left nice & early to get to Calgary with plenty of time to spare.  I made a quick stop at Tim Horton's for a coffee & breakfast sandwich.  I pulled over before I left to check my coffee as they are always putting sugar in it, no sugar, however, I had a blueberry bagel instead of my breakfast sandwich, ugh!, I had to park, run in & get them to make my sandwich.

Finally on my way, I am rolling along & I notice this terrible smell :(  I look back & Tate has shit in his crate, never in 10 years has this ever happened to him, & he did go before we left.  I had to find a road to pull off safely as I was on the highway, poor Tate had to stand in his crate while I was looking.  I found a road & let Tate out while I cleaned.  Thank goodness I am always prepared with things, I had garbage bags in the van so I was able to throw all the bedding in there.  I had some no rinse shampoo, but it had frozen so I wiped off Tate's feet & bloomers as best I could, I had an extra bed for him so at least he could be comfy.  After about 15 minutes we were on our way. 

Nothing happened until I got to Calgary, I actually had made up some time so I was happy.  Then came the next snag, a water main had broke on Crowchild & the traffic was backed up, like 45 minutes backed up :(  I texted Donna saying I was going to be late. I ended up having to infringe on the next groups class as mine was already half over by the time I arrived.  Donna was awesome & just took things in stride.

Tate did a mini Urban track & did pretty well for having done no tracking in over 5 yrs!  I will post some video later.  He was very pleased with himself for finding the glove & he carried it all the way back ♥

Next up was Kort & as I expected he was very keen, especially because it involved food!  Some things have changed since I tracked with Tate, so I will explain about Kort's first time when I post his video .

After a wonderful spring roll sandwich & pineapple square that Donna made I was on my way. 

Of course that was easier said then done, due to the Crowchild being closed I had to find another way to get to the Deerfoot, after driving around Calgary for over an hour I found a CAA fella in a park, he gave me alternate directions, super! Well, not so much......there were 2 roundabouts that I had to navigate, it took 3 trys, & going out of my way each time, to finally get the right turn , ya.

I was just so tired & so frustrated by this point I wanted to cry :(  I was supposed to go to High River on my way back to see Amanda & Brit in their herding trial but I didn't pass through until almost 5!

The wind was super bad on the way back, so along with the wind rocking the van & the dark, I was getting dizzy !  I had to stop in Fort McLeod & rest my eyes before I vomited !

Finally at home & in my driveway one would think I was home free, nope!  The wind pushed the door as I got out of the van & the corner smacked me right on the back of my head, geesh!!!

So that's my story, I'm glad I'm home, think I'll stay here forever :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Real Friends

I got this email last night from Amanda, I laughed & laughed & laughed. It is in regards to the video that was on yesterdays post. I told her that if she was a true friend she would watch the entire thing from beginning to end & there would be a test :)
She watched the video lol!!!!
Amanda you made my night, you are a true friend indeed :)

the test.....

Kort stole the toy
Tate barked
you got their names mixed up
and then Tate got the toy
and then dropped it
and then he walked out to fetch it
and then dogs came and you called Kort
who didn't come
Tate didn't notice the dogs
and then there was frost
and it was cool
there was a park
whore frost. lol
Tate was stuck to you like glue
we watched him pee
and then there was a magpie
and it didn't talk to u
Kort ate a stick
Tate was frosty
Kort stole the toy
Tate beat Kort to the toy
and then they tugged
and Kort stole it
Kort dropped it
and then Tate got it
and then Kort took it again
Tate had a leap of joy when he got the toy (which was adorable!!!!)
and then Kort took it
and then dropped it
and then Tate picked it up
the FAR end of the park there was a walking/jogging thing
and you were annoyed
so you cut through the park
Tate was bored
Kort was fluffy
Kort was eating your shoes
you look crazy
Kort was handsome
Tate investigated the trees and it was oh so pretty.
So Pretty Pretty with no snow
you lost Kort briefly
omg December the first
Tater will be ll in four months
the people. you avoided
I have watched the video this far. and you owe me. big time.
you lost tater briefly
you were close to the playground.
and then you were gone until the lake
there were people fishing
the dogs walked on the ice
Kort had snow on his head
the dogs slipped on the ice again
goodbye Tate
Tate picked up the toy one more time..
the end

p.s Tate looks good!!
P.S.S You are probably known as the lady who never has her dogs on
p.s.s.s you owe me.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1st Already!

The boys & I had a wonderful leisurely walk this morning. It was so beautiful with the frost that I brought my video camera with me.  The video is about 20 minutes long so you can decide if you want to watch it all ;)......except for Amanda, she has to watch it from the beginning until the very end as there will be a test :)
I had You Tube stabilize the video, so now the video isn't shakey, but the border around it is, sucky