Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Great Cause

Today Wendy, Amanda, Sandy & I headed out to Nicholas Sheran Park to participate in the Purina Walk For Guide Dogs. There was also a good turn out of dogs from Paws On The Run! This year the walk raised over $50, 000 which will help to train at least 2 dogs! Wendy volunteered to take pictures & as usual she got some fantastic ones! Sandy & I were the lucky ones & came home with a "door prize" ! I got some bath products & Sandy got a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Everyone also received a goodie bag & a certificate for participating. I left mine in Wendy's van as I walked to & from the park, so unfortunately I can't put them on my blog yet, but I will as soon as I get them, you can count on it! LOL!
These next 2 pictures of Kort are my favourite ones ever!!! I LOVE them Wendy !!!!......
Kort makes friends wherever he goes, human & canine!.....
Some of our group, Kort, Boone, Piper, & Perkins......

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tate's Trip to The Western Veterinary Specialists

This morning Tate & I headed out to Calgary to see Dr. Devall again. We had seen her last Sept. when she was working in Edmonton. Tate responded very well to that visit, he went back to his energetic self , & I even took him off his pain medication! Tate has some arthritis & a weakened rear end, I'm not really sure why. Anyway, armed with a map I had no trouble finding my way to the clinic, just a slight over shoot due to construction in front of the building!...I managed to get myself turned around in the right direction, not easy in Calgary with all the one way streets I might add!!....I even made it to my appt. with 5 min. to spare!
Dr. Devall is wonderful & Tate enjoys his visits with her.....I was right when I suspected his pelvis was higher on one side, I know my dog!! Dr. Devall did some pushing & stuff to fix it, do you like my technical explanation!!, his ligament that is attached to the pelvis has tightened do to his injury, ie: Kort flying into him & sending him rolling!...he has been favouring the one side so now it is bigger/thicker/tighter ?, something like that! So we will still have to see Dr. Devall again as it is something that can't be fixed in one visit. Luckily, she will be attending the regional agility trials here in 2 weeks, so I claimed a spot with her ! Tate also had acupuncture & laser therapy on his hip. This will promote healing. I have a ton of exercises & stretches I need to do on him everyday too. We also came home with some Chinese herbs to boost his immune system into gear. I am so thrilled these vets exist, I know this really helps Tate.
So after getting some parting instructions on how to find the McLeod Trail, I headed out. I did find it, however, I somehow managed to get myself heading north instead of south!! Have I mentioned all the one way streets!!! After an hour of circling & sight seeing LOL!, I even got to see China Town, whoo hoo !!!!, not !!, I found my way south.
But wait, the fun was just beginning!, as I was doing my circles, I noticed this funny grinding type noise every time I turned my steering wheel.....I knew this was not good, so as soon as I could I pulled into a garage station & pulled out my handy dandy guide to owning an aerostar. I found out that I could be low on power steering fluid....soooo, I look under the hood to find the power steering thinga ma jiggy, & pull out the dip stick, yes, dip stick!! Ha, it was low, so, into the garage station I go & purchase some power steering fluid, I maneuver my arm into the burning hot engine & fill it up. Gosh, I felt sooo butch!!! Works like a charm now, no more grinding noise! As Wendy would say, " I am woman, hear me roar" !!!
It's been a long day!, but a great day!, I'm tired, can you tell??
Ok, I'll leave you with pictures of Tate this morning as we were about to leave. He looked happier on the way home! My intention was to take pictures in the clinic but I forgot to bring the camera in, oh well!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Show Picture

Our picture from the Medicine Hat Dog Show came today! Here is Kort getting his first point under judge Micheal's not the greatest shot, but I'm happy to have it, it took about 30 pictures just to get this one!, what can I say!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

A First For Canada !!!

I just heard that one of my tracking buddies in Thunder Bay received her UTD yesterday!!!!!! This is Canada's 1st Urban Tracking Cavalier !!! The judge was JoAnne McLeod. I had the pleasure of training with Julie & Austen while in Thunder Bay, & I was there when he received his was the same weekend as Tate got his TD !
Julie has worked very hard for this title & I know she is thrilled beyond belief! The picture below was taken by Karen Boyes, another tracking buddy!
Way to go Austen & Julie!!!!!!!!

Below is Austen is 2007 after receiving his TDX!

Apple Trees

I love the pretty apple trees that are in my yard & around the neighbourhood....I wish the blossoms would stay all year are some views from my deck of the trees......

Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Year

Today marks one year that Brad & I visited Davenloch Kennels & first saw Kort's litter....they were 3 weeks old.
Here are some pictures of baby Kort , who was known as Tank at the time, we did not know he would eventually be ours at this point!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Friday from Thunder Bay !

My friend Katie sent me her version of Happy Friday Feet! They are compliments of Henley & Gibson, her Golden Retrievers.
I'd like to wish Katie good luck this weekend as she attempts to get Henley's TDX & Gibson's TD!!!
Good Luck Guys!!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wrestling Match

Perkins spent the night last night, this morning he & Kort had a wrestling match, it was hilarious to watch Kort pin Perkins, & Perkins gnaw away on Kort's ruff!! Too bad my camera doesn't have sound !!!......

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures, 2nd Batch !!!

I'm splitting the pictures up in to 2 batches as I have soooo many!!! See the post below to explain......
oh , Wendy, there won't be a need to do a re shoot......there are hundreds that I love!......

Pictures, Pictures & more Pictures !!!

Today I was finally able to download all the 300 plus pictures that Wendy took for Kort's birthday at the beginning of the month. I have already posted some that Wendy sent me, but there were hundreds more that I hadn't seen! So after editing the pictures, 2 hrs later!....I am ready to post more of my favourites! There are a ton of them, I'm warning you, so look at them, or look at some, or not at any if you prefer! Enjoy!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy Busy !

I have been busy all day doing little projects that I have been putting off. My mom is coming to visit in June so I want to get everything on my list done before she arrives.
I finally bought a table & chairs for my teeny deck off my living when mom comes we can sit out there & enjoy our wine!! Can you see Kort peeking out the doors!!Then I got Brad to hang my Time of Glory Print for me......
Then I had to find a new place to hang the print that was in the spot I put the Time of Glory print!, here's it's new home!......And lastly I finally got the portraits of Tate & Kort framed & hung up!........

A good day!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday !

From Tate......And Kort !......