Friday, June 29, 2012

A Night of Practice

A bunch of us got together tonight for some Scenthurdle practice, then some Obedience practice after. 
I was VERY proud of Kort. We were in the local park with alot of distractions.  Kort's heeling was very good, a few moments of loss of concentration, but pretty good otherwise.
His retrieve over the high jump was awesome, after the first bobble that is.  He went out directly, picked up the bell, jumped back over, then dropped the bell at my feet & jumped back over the jump to smell an interesting spot he had noticed the first time over, goof ball!....  after that he was perfect everytime!
His broad jump was perfect everytime as well.  By perfect I mean he jumped it everytime.  He needs work on cutting the end of the jump, Amanda is going to help me with that, it makes him swing out too far & sit crooked in front because of it.  I am feeling very good about how well Kort is working for me.  I am so looking forward to getting back in the ring for a trial.

                                                     Is it my turn yet ?
Ready ??

Good Job!!
Good Heeling!

Thanks for the pictures Amanda!

Another Year Gone By, Wowzee!!

It's Gottcha Day!!! 4 years & counting ♥

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Christmas Came Early :)

We have a local artist among us :)  Lisa from Wiggly Zack Blog is amazing !! Wendy got an ornament of Kort done for me as a thank you, so naturally I had to get one done of Tate!  They are wonderful & I am so pleased!!
Thank you Lisa!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Decision Time

I'm feeling panicky about the direction I want to continue on with Kort.
My MAIN goal when I got Kort was to get his UD, above all else.  We have our CD ,which he received fairly easily, with some apparent lapses in my training, the sit stays for one. 
Our first time in the Open ring went well, he heeled well, missed a few sits, then missed his broad jump, as well as his high jump, he did his long sit & down.  Our next time in the ring the stress was apparent from the moment we entered, he refused to sit, at all. He did everything else except for the broad jump. He laid down on his long sit at the 3 minute mark as I was returning to the ring :(
That weekend we entered Rally Excellent as well. He fell apart on Day 1, no sit again, visibly stressed, we NQ'd.  I had Amanda take him in the next day, he worked for her & came out with a 99/100 & his 2nd RE leg. The 3rd day with Amanda again , he miss judged a jump & went around it, so an NQ.
Since then Kort has been on a "vacation" from obedience, we still practice at home but that is it.
I have been doing alot of agility, Kort & I finally feel like a team, there is lots of room for improvement but we are getting there. We just finished our ADC & SGDC titles with the AAC Agility Organization. Last year Kort got his CKC AGNS in one weekend with all High Scores in Class.
We have also been doing Scenthurdle & Kort is a Scenthurdle Champion.
I am thinking,  that except for our local trial in August, I am going to put AAC Agility on the back burner for now. 
We are entered in a CKC Agility Trial here in Lethbridge the first week in July, & one in August at Spruce Meadows, then one more AAC Trial in August in Calgary. 
So this is where my panic comes in, if I don't continue going to Agility Classes we will fall behind.  It is hard to watch my team mates go on without me so to speak.
BUT....I can't afford too, or focus on, too many things.  It stresses me out that I am not giving each sport my fullest attention.
I want to put Kort in 1 day at our Lethbridge Show in November to try & get his last Rally leg, & to also get a feel for how he feels in the ring. 
I want to go back into the Open ring in 2013, to do this I want to put my full attention on obedience, & nothing else. 
It makes me sad & panicky, like I said, I want to do everything, but "I" am not mentally capable of doing it all.
So I think my mind is made up, it's time to put Obedience back on the front burner :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Boys

I am missing my boys but know they are in  good hands! Thanks to Wendy & Amanda for always sending me pictures of them :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Congratulations to Duffy, Kort's litterbrother, & his owner Dianne, on Duffy's Herding Instinct Title!!!!!
Duffy's first title!! whoo hoo!
He is now Davenloch's MacDuff HIC, yeah Duffster!!

Short Video of some Great Moments

                                   Joanne's 50th Birthday

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kort Got Mail

Look what Kort got today :)
His Certificates for his Agility Dog Of Cananda & his Starters Games Dog Of Canada titles......

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Aches & Pains

I spent the weekend having a blast at the Regionals volunteering.  While there I took advantage of the wonderful price & had both Tate & Kort looked at by the doggie chiropractor.  I knew Tate was having some issues, he has really slowed down in the last month, he still has spurts of crazy fast running, but after laying down for awhile I have really noticed how slowly he is moving.  I knew something was up with his shoulder as he is having trouble getting on the bed, but found out there is more going on.
His right elbow is quite badly arthritic as well as his left pastern. 
I started both boys on a joint supplement a couple of months ago so I am happy I did.
It is so hard to see Tate aging, 10 years has gone by in a blink, it scares me.
Hopefully he can stay pain free as I do not want to put him on pain meds. 
Sarah is trained in doggie massage so I am also going to set up regular appts for him to have that done as well.
Poor Tater dog :(