Friday, December 30, 2011

Treatments Start Tuesday

Joanne begins her treatments on Tuesday starting with Chemotherapy. There are 2 types of Chemo, one is Cisplatin & it is milder & you have much less hair loss, the other is stronger, called Carbo/Taxol, & you definitely loose your hair. We don't know which she is getting yet.
The results of her PET scan have not come back either, we were really hoping to get them quicker.
I am so sad that I am not with her, they took so long to get things going that both myself & our younger sister Debra are at home.( Debra leaves on Monday ) Joanne has my mom but I worry about her, she is taking this hard, she is 80 yrs old & just had a stroke last year. Mom is a miracle herself, she barely has any noticeable signs of her stroke except minor memory loss.
Joanne promises to fight as hard as she can & that's all we can hope for.
Mom with Joanne & Debra ♥

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Finally Started Kort Tracking !!!...And Then I Stopped :(

Well I finally did it, I got Kort tracking , Whoo Hoo !!!! It's only taken me 3 1/2 yrs !!!
Yesterday was the day, after I walked the boys I drove down to the University & laid my tracks. Kort was friggen awesome!! I was so excited to begin with him.....& that has been the last time I went out since.
The night before last I woke up at 3 am feeling really awful, I have a hiatal hernia & I thought that was the problem, I got Brad to get up & get me a Zantac thinking that would take care of things, only it didn't. I am not used to being sick, I never get sick, seriously! So in the morning I did my usual walk & then tracking like I said above. By the time I was finished tracking I was very uncomfortable, whatever this was, it was getting worse. It was so bad that I drove to the Emergency thinking I had appendicitis. 4 hrs later, & in much more pain, the Dr. has the diagnosis of diverticulitis. Super :(
Like I said I don't get sick, but I'll tell you this has seriously knocked me on my ass!! I am on 2500 mg a day of antibiotics & have been downing pain killers every 3 hrs.I have 0 appetite, which I think is great, taking off a few pounds will do me good, I am drinking a TON of water though.
I hope I start to feel better soon, I have no time for this, I want to go tracking !!!!!
I videoed Kort's first track which you can see below, did I mention how excited I am to start him ? LOL!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just Kort

Saturday, December 17, 2011

More from the Talented Wendy :)

Wendy was at it again, taking awesome pictures of Tate!! He does pretty well when the bratty Kort isn't around pushing him for toys!
Here are some of the pictures!!.....

Friday, December 16, 2011

"Good" News

Joanne has been invited to be in a research study to examine the role of a diagnostic test called Positron Emission Tomography, or PET, in patients with cervical cancer, in addition to standard diagnostic tests.
A PET test uses F-Fluorodeoxyglucouse (FEG). This is not a new drug, and was reviewed & approved by Health Canada. This drug will be administered intravenously & will travel through Joanne's body allowing the PET scan to pick up any more cancer.
UP to 288 people will be taking part in the 5 year study & there are 2 groups. One is Joanne's group which will involve the PET scan, the other group will be having CT scans as well as the normal cancer protocols, but not the PET.
The sponsor of the study is the Ontario Clinical Oncology Group.
I am glad Joanne got in this group, this PET technology is able to spot very small areas of cancer in their beginning stages, spots that a CT scan or even an MRI might not be able to detect. For Joanne this would mean that if she has cancer in any other areas she can be treated right now before they get any bigger or spread.
None of this is "good" news but it is good news as far as Joanne is concerned .


Last night Wendy, who is looking after Tate for me, sent me some pictures she labeled SMILE :)
And Smile I did Wendy, thank you !

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm Here!

Yeah, I'm finally in Thunder Bay.
The trip was interesting , I left Lethbridge at 6 am, I was so tired & I have a problem dozing off, especially with the fact I was driving in darkness I found myself really getting sleepy. When I arrived in Calgary the Deerfoot was so congested, it was a work day after all. I got to the airport ok but missed the parking area & had to go back out & circle back to the parking. When I finally found a spot about 20 minutes later it was a long walk to the terminal. When I got to the terminal it was a long walk to the check in desk. When I got to the check in desk there was a long line up through security. By the time I was through security it was 5 minutes to boarding, yeesh!!!! I had time for a quick bathroom break then boarded.
The plane ride was uneventful, thank god!! We had to wait forever in Calgary & Winnipeg for de-icing & they made us change runways 3 times in Winnipeg. The pilot even came on once to ask if we thought he was driving us to Thunder Bay !
I arrived in Thunder Bay an hour late but I'm here & so glad.
I have posted pictures of my mom's gorgeous tree & the nativity set they have out, it still doesn't feel like Christmas quite yet, but hopefully soon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


On a Jet Plane .....
Tomorrows the day, finally.
I should be in Thunder Bay around 1:30, Can't wait to see my mom & sister ♥

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I was feeling pretty good today, but now I just feel sick, nauseated, & full of fear & dread. I can't wait to be home with Joanne. I just want to stay there with her & not have to return, but that is not possible is it :(
How can this be happening.

The Fight

2 months of radiation 5 days a week
6 weeks of chemo once a week
3 bouts of internal radiation

Joanne will win, but it will be a long road to get there

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Tragically Long Video :)

Seriously, this is super long, maybe 10 minutes or so . I took it just because, & so I just had it for myself to look back on one day & see Tate & Kort enjoying themselves :)
Watch it if you like ......

Friday, December 9, 2011

Woody Update

The rescue has heard from Woody's new family. He is doing well, his arthritis is a bit worse so they have shortened his walks & that has helped:)
Woody is pictured above in his new home beside his brother.
Hurray for Woody!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So It Begins

The Innocence of Youth ♥ ......

Last night my sister Joanne got a call from the cancer clinic, she will start her treatments of both radiation & chemo next week, on Friday she goes in to find out the schedule.
My niece Sherri is a nurse & has asked to go with her so she can ask questions, things that Joanne will probably forget to ask.
I will be there next week so I can go with her to the treatments & help to take some of the fear away.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Yesterday's Walk

Wendy got some more pictures of my boys on our walk yesterday. What would I do without my photographer friends !

This picture made my heart swell, corny I know:) but just the way Tate is looking at me , with my hand on his chin, such a great capture Wendy :) ......

This picture has captured Tate so well, he is a sweet sweet boy ......

I love this shot of Kort......

Bratty Kort Stole Tate's mitt......

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Not Fair :(

This morning I got together with some friends to get our dogs out for a run. I almost didn't go as it was early ( for me ) & I like to sleep in on weekends. I pulled myself out of bed however & was so glad I did.
We met up at the dog park with Wendy & Coulee, & Dave, Sarah & Tsuga.
The dogs ran around , barked, chewed sticks & played with mitts. Wendy & Dave took lots of awesome pictures of our kids playing. We finished off our walk with hot chocolate , Bailey's & Dave's awesome shortbread cookies:)
It was perfect, all except for the knowledge that it may be one of Tsuga's last walks. Tsuga has cancer, they found out about 2 weeks ago. It is a good thing dogs don't know these things, but oh so hard on the owners & friends who have known the dogs for years, we love them as well.
It is even harder in this particular case because Dave & Sarah lost their flatcoated retriever to cancer maybe just six months ago. How could this happen to 2 wonderful people & to both of their dogs all within a year? It's just not fair.
However I now have wonderful memories stored away of a happy Tsuga zooming through the snow, with Kort hot on his tail, & not a care in the world.
Give your dogs extra hugs & kisses today, I know I am :)



Friday, December 2, 2011

Nothing Changes :)

My chuckle for the day :)

6 months old......

3 years old......

Tate's Title

I haven't had much to blog about lately but had to post Tate's certificate that came.
His first title with the Agility Association Of Canada, so proud of my Veteran Agility Dog !!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crazy Sunday Afternoon :) or A Tragically Long Video :)

Here is another of my wonderful crazy home videos :)
In some sections you can't even hear me talking the wind is so strong!!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011


Is there Anything Better :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

3 Words That Change Everything :(

You Have Cancer.....

That is what my sister heard yesterday while sitting in a Dr's office.
In Joanne's case it is cervical cancer which has now spread to the lymph nodes in her stomach, as well as around the aorta in her stomach.
How does this happen when you do everything you are supposed to do? She has gone for pap tests every year, as a matter of fact she had a discharge last year, (sorry if this grosses you out), & when she went to the Dr. he said, "well you just had a pap test & it was normal" ,so he didn't do another, REALLY ??????
Then Joanne started to gain weight, she was always a thin girl, so back she went, the Dr. then says, well I guess we can do an ultrasound, surprise there is something showing , so maybe we will have a cat scan done. Another big surprise, yup, you have some kind of tumours surrounding your stomach aorta & something showing in your swollen uterus.
Let's do a biopsy shall we....gee, these are squamous cells, cancer cells that have started as skin cancer, broken off from somewhere, travelled around in Joanne's blood stream until they settled in her uterus, then as the cancer progressed they broke off again & settled in her stomach :(
Could all this have been prevented? I think so, Joanne has also been complaining of a full feeling in her stomach after just eating a few bites of food, she has been saying this for years. I used to joke that I wish I had her problem.
Joanne's oncologist wants all of her past pap tests to review, interesting huh ?
So now we go through the normal things of fear & anger & overwhelming sadness. Joanne will be starting radiation shortly, we don't know yet whether they will remove her uterus, she is 49 yrs old.
This year the entire family will be going home for Christmas, we will rally around Joanne for support & love, that's all we can do.
Ladies, go for a pap test....5 minutes of embarrassment is worth it, trust me.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scenthurdle Video

Here it is...our team No Nonscents in action this past weekend
Go Team !!!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dog Show

On Saturday I hung out at the local dog show all day. I took Kort with me as we were doing Scenthurdle later that night.
It was fun to go to the show with no pressure of competing, but sad too. I sooo want to be competing :(
I have a goal, that is compete in Rally only next May in Medicine Hat, Kort needs just 1 leg for his Rally Excellent title. I may play around & go for Kort's RAE as well, we'll see.
I will probably not trial in Open until 2013, Kort will be 5 then & hopefully more mentally mature.
I also got to watch collies & flatcoats in the conformation ring, I videoed too :)
I took the opportunity to walk Kort around the building while heeling him , I used treats, but had him watching me. He did sooooo well with all the dogs, kids & people walking about, his eyes were fixed only on me !!
I was there to watch & support my friends who were trialing.
Princess Pixel was such a cute bundle of fluffy corgi :) but she decided that the drop on recall was too much effort & sat wagging at Amanda instead :)
Sarah & Gyp competed in Novice & rocked it, going High In Class at her first trial !! She also picked up an Advanced Rally leg with a High in class as well!
Kim entered Maggie her Bernese Mt. Dog, who has not trialed in at least 2 yrs & guess what? she went High In Trial !!!!! Way to go Kim !!!
Tina & her Sheltie Jethro are amazing, that dog loves her so much he never takes his eyes off of her, he finished his Rally Advanced title with 2 High in class!
Donna & her Belgian Epic did very well in their first Open trial. After his drop on recall he didn't return to Donna when she called, Donna said after, I never even thought about that !! She had trained him to down & stay put, but forgot the return to handler part LOL!!
Scenthurdle was awesome, we are improving everytime, Kort LOVES it so much! We came in 5th out of 6, but we had tons of clean heats for more points toward Kort's Scenthurdle Champion title!
I even watched Junior Handling , Gyp, Sarah's border collie played show dog ! Lupine & Tinbie Liz's flatcoats were also in the ring ! So cute to watch the little kids!
I also took the opportunity to officially tell Liz that if she breeds Cava next year I want a puppy. I want a show male, but if the males are not show quality, or Cava has all girls, I will take a girl :) It probably won't be until the end of 2012 but still, so exciting !!!
I have stolen the following pictures of my friend & their dogs to post here :)
Congratulations to you all !!!!!

Kim & Maggie......

Sarah & Gyp......

Tina & Jethro......

Pixel doing Scenthurdle this summer, isn't she the cutest :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Week

Oh my am I having a week !

Monday I worked until 6, on Monday night was our Kennel Club meeting, got home at 9.

Tuesday, had to lug all my winter tires from the basement upstairs & into my van, picked up Perkins, drove to Can. Tire to have my winter tires put on, worked until 6, Agility from 7:30-9 then lugged my summer tires out of my van & into the basement.

Wed, worked the early shift, 6:45am-10 , dropped Perkins off, went home, changed, drove to Calgary for a Dr appt, drove home , got back at 6 pm, Scenthurdle Practice, 7:30- 8:30

Today, Thurs, work till 6, going to help set up for the dog show directly from work.

Tomorrow, Fri, work 10-6, going to Fun Match with Kort for 7pm

Sat, going to the dog show to support my friends entered, Sat night Scenthurdle Competition with Kort whoo hoo !!

Sunday, going to dog show to support friends again, home to do laundry & house work

I haven't seen Brad all week, he is on the 4-12 shift, he is gone when I get home & I am asleep when he gets home .

Just realized I haven't had supper in 2 days :) why am I not skinny !

Last night I bought myself this book:

I have always had the need to write things down, I had kept diaries since I was 11, I ended up throwing them all away about 10 yrs ago :(
I have no children, so when I saw this book it struck a chord, it is an easy way for me to document my life, to tell others what my life was like. Perhaps one of my relatives, years from now, will be interested. Maybe one of my nieces, or my nephews children, or grandchildren, will want to know what their great Auntie Jolene was like :)
So every night I will fill in a few of the pages . I started last night & it is hard. It is personal & they ask very personal questions, things like, how did you feel about yourself as a teenager?, or how many friends did you have?, or were you well liked?
One question I found interesting was decribing myself so someone could pick me out in a crowd :)
I said I'd be the loudest one & laughing :)
Anyway, I will give the book to someone, not sure who, probably my sister, or her daughter, we'll see.

Well, I gotta run, work is waiting & the rest of my crazy week :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Limited Entries

I had never heard of them until I moved to Alberta & started trialing in AAC agility events.
The trials fill up so fast here that the clubs have no choice but to put a limit on them. I know that almost all the clubs are fair in doing their trials this way, however I also know that some clubs play favourites, this is very hard to swallow for me. When I enter a trial I enter with the hope of getting in, I may have budgeted money , or made arrangements at work, or to travel with someone to share expenses. I enter with the hopes that the club will be fair when receiving entries & actually put the people into the trial as the entries come in the mail. I don't like to think that the entries are opened first & their friends are put in before people they don't know.
The other day I got the dreaded email telling me that due to overwhelming response to a particular trial, I did not get in & was on a waiting list. Am I bothered by this, you bet. It won't get me anywhere however, I just have to hope that I am not too far down on the list so I can get in if someone changes their mind & can't go. I wasn't the only one from my group to not get in , I know of 3 others, but the majority did get in.
I think also that it bothered me more as it is my last trial of the year, also I know there are people that entered after the opening day and I am curious to know if they got in.
I don't want comments debating whether my feelings are wrong, they are my feelings & I needed to voice them rather then let them brew inside :)
Fingers crossed I do get in.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Barn Night

Last night we had our first agility class at the barn. We move there for the winter so we can still train. I wasn't going to go, I really dislike working in the barn in all that dirt :) Amanda convinced me otherwise. She said how am I expecting my dogs to go into a trial if I didn't continue to train them. She was right of course, which she often thinks she is, but I know better LOL! kidding :)
I didn't bring Tate as I had just spent 3 hrs bathing & grooming him on Sunday & I wanted him to look nice for a bit longer :)
Kort however, was amazing ! We did alot of work in that hour & a half & Kort never tired ! His weaves were fantastic . He got his entry every time. We did front crosses, rear crosses, distance, 270's, all into the weaves, & Kort was spot on. I can't tell you how proud I am of him! I did not teach Tate the same way & what a difference. We also did lots of table work which has become a problem for Kort in the last 2 trials. Last night Sarah had me make it a game, jump on, jump off, praise, Kort, not me, that is :) :) Then after a few of those I asked for a sit on the table, only twice did I ask him for a down & he was really good. Hopefully I can change his mind about the table into thinking it is a wonderful place to be.
We also did serpentines & my handling sucks with those. I'm either not fast enough to get where I should be, or too slow giving my signals :) I am a work in progress, Kort is doing just fine :)
I think the reason I enjoyed myself so much last night, & had so much energy, was that it was a small class. We only had 5 of us working, so that meant I didn't have to stand around & wait at all, there was always a piece of equipment to work on .
I am actually looking forward to next week in the barn, dirt, sheep poop, & all :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Herding !!!

It was soooo hard to pick just a few pictures from the 100 or so that Wendy took yesterday while we were out Alta-Pete farm.
Jenny was kind enough to work Kort for me as I know nothing !! I am also very nervous of the sheep speeding toward me :) Kort just loves the sheep & I will probably continue on with him because he does.
Here are some of the pictures, the entire album is on my Facebook page if you want to see them all.