Friday, December 16, 2011

"Good" News

Joanne has been invited to be in a research study to examine the role of a diagnostic test called Positron Emission Tomography, or PET, in patients with cervical cancer, in addition to standard diagnostic tests.
A PET test uses F-Fluorodeoxyglucouse (FEG). This is not a new drug, and was reviewed & approved by Health Canada. This drug will be administered intravenously & will travel through Joanne's body allowing the PET scan to pick up any more cancer.
UP to 288 people will be taking part in the 5 year study & there are 2 groups. One is Joanne's group which will involve the PET scan, the other group will be having CT scans as well as the normal cancer protocols, but not the PET.
The sponsor of the study is the Ontario Clinical Oncology Group.
I am glad Joanne got in this group, this PET technology is able to spot very small areas of cancer in their beginning stages, spots that a CT scan or even an MRI might not be able to detect. For Joanne this would mean that if she has cancer in any other areas she can be treated right now before they get any bigger or spread.
None of this is "good" news but it is good news as far as Joanne is concerned .

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Squishy said...

Glad to hear she is in that group. I'm sure it will really be helpful and just another step in combating her illness. I am glad you are there for her.