Saturday, December 17, 2011

More from the Talented Wendy :)

Wendy was at it again, taking awesome pictures of Tate!! He does pretty well when the bratty Kort isn't around pushing him for toys!
Here are some of the pictures!!.....


Dianne SS said...

Wendy takes such phenomenal pictures!!! I absolutely love the one of Tate leaping in the air to catch the toy. He is sure pretty spry for a fellow who's not too far from his 10th birthday!! Go Tate, go!! He looks great!! And so where are pictures of Kort while you're away--Amanda has him, right?

Squishy said...

Tate looks like he's just fine with Wendy. She takes him for walks which I'm sure he loves and she takes amazing and detailed photos of him and his teeth!!! Where is Kort????

onecollie said...

Kort is with Amanda, she has taken a few pictures of him, one is here on the blog as Picture of the Week.
Amanda's life is a bit crazy right now so I can understand why there are no pictures yet , she is on holidays in a week so I bet I'll get some then.
Aren't Tate's teeth amazing, no plaque thank you very much :)
He is so spry now that he is no longer sick!!

Two Collies and A Mutt said...

What a handsome, handsome Collie! Looks like he's having so much fun, too!

Also, I nominated your blog for the "Liebster Blog" award. There's more about it on my blog if you want to participate! I know you probably have a lot going on, so if you don't have the time, that's fine. I just love your blog and your Collies and wanted to nominate you. :]