Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm Here!

Yeah, I'm finally in Thunder Bay.
The trip was interesting , I left Lethbridge at 6 am, I was so tired & I have a problem dozing off, especially with the fact I was driving in darkness I found myself really getting sleepy. When I arrived in Calgary the Deerfoot was so congested, it was a work day after all. I got to the airport ok but missed the parking area & had to go back out & circle back to the parking. When I finally found a spot about 20 minutes later it was a long walk to the terminal. When I got to the terminal it was a long walk to the check in desk. When I got to the check in desk there was a long line up through security. By the time I was through security it was 5 minutes to boarding, yeesh!!!! I had time for a quick bathroom break then boarded.
The plane ride was uneventful, thank god!! We had to wait forever in Calgary & Winnipeg for de-icing & they made us change runways 3 times in Winnipeg. The pilot even came on once to ask if we thought he was driving us to Thunder Bay !
I arrived in Thunder Bay an hour late but I'm here & so glad.
I have posted pictures of my mom's gorgeous tree & the nativity set they have out, it still doesn't feel like Christmas quite yet, but hopefully soon.


Squishy said...

That Nativity scene is so gorgeous. Reminds me of the one my mom always put under the tree and I don't know where it ever went.
I hate traveling. I am glad you are there safe. Hopefully on your way home it won't be such an ordeal.

Koping Weims said...

So glad you made it safely. Your mom's tree is beautiful.
Take care..


Dianne SS said...

I missed the parking area at the Edmonton Int'l, when I had to fly out to Kelowna in August!! And I had to go around again!!! Don't they have shuttle buses at Calgary? Anyway, glad you got to Thunder Bay eventually!! That's a beautiful nativity scene and a pretty tree!