Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hi all!!!
We're home, yippee....all went well & I didn't get lost! whew!
Here are some "first" pictures from early this morning when I picked Kort up...., thanks to my sister Debra & niece Adrienne, who got up really early to come with me & take pictures!
I think Kort liked me as much as I liked him!!...

Huge thanks to Dave & Shawn for letting me have such a gorgeous puppy!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Send Luck...I'll need it!!

Well, tommorrow is the day, I finally leave to get Kort! I will be going early in the morning & going straight to Sherwood Park. My sister Debra is putting up with Tate & I again!! This is the first time, ever, ever, I have driven such a long distance by myself!!! I am a tad nervous about getting lost, especially going into Edmonton & Sherwood Park....that city does not know how or where to put up exit signs!!! Instead of having them before an exit, they have them "on" the the time you see it, you're driving by, cursing & wondering where the heck to turn around!!!
I've been looking at my maps & it looks easy enough, we'll see, as long as I don't miss the White Mud exit in Edmonton, I should be ok!! hahaha!
Like I said , wish me luck!
I will be seeing Kort on Sat. but not picking him up again until Sun. morning....then straight home!! Yippee, I think I'm ready....guess I'll find out!
Talk to you all after the weekend...have a good one!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Meet Kort!!!

Here he is!!! Just got these 3 pictures today......I am very pleased, he looks wonderful!! & strangely enough, like a brat!, doesn't he? I can't wait to meet him!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just a "little" ahead of myself!!!

I know, I know, I am ahead of myself, but I just couldn't resist!!! I love collars!!! So, I have already purchased Kort's summer & winter collars!....for when he's a big boy!
The summer collar......Sailboats
The winter collar......Penguins
And, in case you are curious, Tate has, fly fishing for the summer, & snowmen for the winter!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Today I took Tate in to work to give him a bath.....that will be one less thing to do after Kort arrives next week. So, I took my camera & thought it would be fun to document the day!
Getting wet..........The soap down.......
The drying.......
The helper.........
The helper steals my chair so she can watch Tate's hair blowing around....
The finished product!.....3 hrs later!......

Tate's thoughts on the day..... "Wait till I get my paws on that puppy!!"

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I just got off the phone with my puppies breeder & he has made the final decision as to which puppy is mine!!!
These are the only pictures I have at the moment, taken when the pups were 3 weeks old.....I will be getting more pictures early next week, after his ears have been done!!
Remember the puppy nicknamed Tank?? Well that is now my KORT!!
Here he is at 3 weeks......

Friday, June 20, 2008


Ok, we're in the home week until I leave to get my puppy!!!!
I heard from the breeder tonight & the final decision will be made this weekend!! I really am going crazy, I want to know which puppy is mine!! It is so hard to just sit back & try to go through your daily activities, when all I can think of right now is my new puppy!!
As soon as I know, you will know.....poor Tate is oblivious to the fact that his calm & peaceful existance is about to change....I am hoping he will accept the little guy, & find a great companion in him.......well, that's all for now!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Lately I have been at a loss for things to post!!! I need some more puppy pictures!!
Anyway, I came across this picture of my dad.....I'm not exactly sure of the year, somewhere around 1957 or 58.....he caught this fish & the Chronicle Journal ( our paper in Thunder Bay, but then we were known as Port Arthur) took this picture of him. I think my dad was quite the dresser!!! He looks pretty dapper don't you think! For all you "youngins" that are probably saying " what's dapper!" it means good, or cool......

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Wow, it is hard to believe how fast our dogs is a picture of Caden a few months back......And, here is Caden now !....

Caden is owned by my friend Donna in Thunder Bay & I can't believe how much he has changed!!! What a handsome boy!

I am hoping Donna will make it down here in July, that way Caden can meet my new puppy, Kort!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Every weekend I do a little bit more to get ready for the arrival of my new puppy. Today I wanted to get Tate's Great Dane kennel out of the van, & put it in the livingroom for Kort. Then I had to put 2 smaller crates in the van for Tate & Kort.....after I was done I put Tate in his crate to try it out......Tate was not at all impressed by the tiny accomodations & I must say I felt guilty having to "dowsize" him!!", he looks soooo squished !! are 2 pictures of the new smaller crates.....

Poor Tate!!

Later I took him out for his walk & was happy that we met up with a new friendly was a Siberian Husky named Teagan.....Here are a few pictures of them having the way, this is the closest Tate has ever gotten to water, except for his bath,.....I think he would have followed Teagan anywhere, he was in love!! The little dot in the 3rd picture is Teagan running circles around Tate!

Oh, here is Kort's new digs in the livingroom......he will have a smaller kennel in our bedroom for the first couple of months too!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Katie sent me this picture tonight & it is just too cute not to share.....this is Henley with his new baby brother, Gibson.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


With the arrival of my new puppy happening soon, I've been looking at my older puppy pictures of my last 2 collies, Drake & Tate. It's been fun comparing litters & what they looked like at the same are some of my favourites.....
This is Tate's mom Sugar , watching over her puppies...Tate is the tri colour right in the middle of both pictures, they were 2 & a half weeks old..
This is Drake at 6 weeks....
This is Drake at 12 weeks....
This is Tate at 12 weeks!....
Drake after his bath, 5 months old......
And Tate after his bath at 6 months old!..... It's so much fun to look back!! Now I will be starting all over! Yikes!


I was scanning more old photos today & came across one from 6 yrs ago that I just had to show you...
First, remember this one from 2 weeks ago? Poor sleepy Tate had to have Adrienne hold up his head.....
Well take a look at this one I found!! It was taken in July 02 when Adrienne was 6 & Tate was 13 weeks......too funny!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Today is my sister Joanne's birthday....Happy Birthday sister, I miss you!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008


I received pictures from 2 of my tracking buddies in Thunder Bay about their recent successes!
Pictured is Donna Smith with River completeing their UTD track! This is the 3rd title for River in tracking, & when she receives her UTDX, she will become a Tracking Champion!Congratulations Donna & River !!

This is Katie Jaremey with Henley, who just turned a year old. This was his very first attempt at his TD & he passed!! Henley had some help however, he was wearing his brother Dawson's tracking harness, so I think Dawson was giving him some support from the Rainbow Bridge. Dawson passed away last month from cancer.Congratulations Katie & Henley !!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So as I go through all my pictures from my Sherwood Park visit, I find more funny shots.
This was the first time Tate had ever met Debra's golden Riley, Riley is 10, Tate did see Shane when Debra picked him up in Strathmore, but he was just a baby. Anyway, I laughed when I saw these pictures , the dogs were doing what dogs do when they meet, but look at the pictures...they were following each other in order of age!! How funny is that?