Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back from Camrose

Kort took 2 more points in Camrose to put his total up to 9! I was so sick of the #7, glad it's 9 now !
Dianne, Duffy's mom (Kort's litterbrother), drove down from Edmonton to cheer us on! She is my good luck charm for sure, thanks for the pictures Dianne!
Kort looking all Pretty......

In the Open Class......

Competing for the Points......

Competing for the Breed......

On the first day a sharp stabbing pain went down my left hip as I was gaiting Kort in the ring...I've have trouble with it before but this was the worst pain ever! It didn't help matters when the judge had us run twice around the ring the next day.
My friends Marilyn & Nancy came up with a solution & presented me with a gift...my very own "Hip Flask" filled with Amaretto!!
Here I am having a little sip after winning the points with Kort!......

This trip was alot of fun. I travelled with Vicky & her Am. Cocker Claire for the first time, we got along great & are very much alike, lots of stories there!
I think the highlight of the trip was our hotel room, we forgot to take a picture but it had a car air freshener hanging from the lamp!, I'll just leave the rest of the room to your imagination!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Agility Fun

At our first agility class Wed. our instructors came up with a fun relay race to test our handling skills! Seeing as it was St. Patrick's Day, we all got a little leprechaun hat & a green necklace with a small mug attached to it.
The object of the race was to run through 4 poles with our dogs first on our left side , then on the right side on the way back. When we reached the end of the 4 poles there was a bottle of pop on a chair. We had to place our dogs in a sit stay, open the bottle of pop, pour it into our mugs attached around our necks, drink the pop, put the lid back on, place it on the chair & run back!
It was the boy dogs against the girl dogs, our team managed to win one of the 3 races....we almost had the 2nd race but Kort went on the outside of the very last pole, up to that point it was neck & neck with Amanda & Pixel!
All this was fun but it was also helping with agility skills, the running & weaving while the dogs had to pay attention to which direction we were going helps the dog to read body language. The sit at the end helps with a good start line stay, plus all the yelling & cheering mimics a noisy agility field.
This is Kort sitting so nice while I drank my pop!......

At this point Amanda & I are neck & neck !......

Thanks for the pictures Sarah!

One More

So I just had to show you all the pictures new home....I think they look great hung up beside their ancestors! Don't you?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Surprise!

Yesterday I walked in to work and found these pictures of my boys hanging on the wall!! So, not only did I get a fancy new blog for my 2 year anniversary at work, but also these gorgeous photos!! I am beyond words! Wendy went to the trouble of "tricking" me in to going on a photo shoot with this in mind. I think she told me she needed to practice on black and white dogs! I should have known , Wendy doesn't need to practice!
Wendy you are a great friend and I just love these photos, thank you !

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Triple Celebration !

Today is a day of celebration !
My wonderful dad is 81 years old !! This is one of my favourite pictures of him. I took it in 1982 while we were out fishing at Shebandowan Lake. Good memories ! Happy Birthday Dad!

My beautiful niece Adrienne turns 14 !......

And last but not least, Perkins turns 4 today !!......

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Relaxing Morning Walk...NOT!

I thought walking was supposed to be relaxing? I suppose it should be, depends on "who" you are walking with I guess!
I started off my walk at 8am with the boys....Perkins decided to stay in bed, smart dog!
We got approx. 5 steps down the sidewalk & there sits 2 rabbits....great, Kort starts whining, barking, pulling, you know, good stuff!...so, I get all my "tools" working, ask him to "get in", which he does while whining, ask him to heel, still whining, look at me, he glances, looks away, whining, anyway, you get the picture....I get him under control, & off we go again.
Great, it's spring & all the kiddies are riding their bikes to school, on the sidewalk of course, soooo, about 50 times we move off the side walk for the kiddies, & Kort utters a bark at each one , just for fun ! , one kid barks back, yup....
Moving on, oh look, a kid on a scooter, what fun! NOT!...bark bark bark, pull...KORT!!!!! Get in, heel, look, good boy...carry on....
Oh joy, the 2 rotten dogs that have their own doggy door have spotted us from their living room window... they charge outside barking at their fence...Kort has already heard them coming, I have already heard them coming..so, I already have Kort in heel position, Kort look, heel, good boy Kort!
We have only been walking 10 minutes.
In between this both the dogs are stopping to "do their business"....on one such occasion while Tate was, well, you know,...Kort spots something on the sidewalk, before I have a chance to put him in a sit stay he has it in his mouth...yuck!, Grab Kort, yell "drop it", he doesn't, pry open Kort's jaws, pull out the hunk of white grossness, then have to carry on the rest of my walk with gross icky hands covered in whatever foulness that was...are we having fun yet?
Anyway, the rest of our walk was relatively quiet I suppose, I'm so looking forward to my evening walk.....hmmmmmmm

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Pixel is staying with us this weekend while Amanda is at an Agility trial. Amanda said it would be ok to take her off leash on our walks. I was worried at first but didn't need to be, she never left my side, unless she was looking for deer poop! I tried to get some good video but the dogs didn't co-operate, so I sat on the ground & took some close ups!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kort's Rally Graduation

Kort did so well last night in rally class! We just have a couple of things to work on. You can see at station # 3 he keeps downing from a sit, the station was Sit, Down ,Sit, so we have to work on keeping the sit!
I was very happy with his focus & heeling on the whole, his outside turns are awesome, the inside turns still need work as he tends to crowd me, I also need to make sure Kort does not rush me on the inside turns, & to turn my shoulders to give more of a signal.
We need to work on his stand so he does not swing his butt out or move his feet!
I can hardly wait to trial him, Kort rocks!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time Flys....

When you work at the best job ever !!!
Today marks my 2 year anniversary at Paws On The Run !!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventures of A Big Blue Ball

This morning on our walk I spotted a big blue ball blowing across the top of the ice at Nicholas Sheran Park, when it blew close to shore, I went & retrieved it! I carried it all the way home, tucked under my arm, much to Kort's delight!
Here he is enjoying our find!

Where was Tate during all of Kort's playing??
Standing right beside me staring at the pocket that still had goodies in it from our walk, "if I just follow the pocket it will feed me"......oh Tater, such a goof ball!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh What A Night !!

A group of us went to the Professional Bullriding last night & we had an awesome time ! Wendy brought her camera along & took some great shots, here are some of my favourites.....
Me & Brad......

Wendy & Marlin.....

Sandy & Dustin......

Staying On.....

Falling Off.....

And Last But Not Least...Cowboys ! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yee Haw !!

For the second year in a row we are going to see the professional bull riders tonight! This year our hubbies are joining us......fun fun!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Ben

Tonight as I was watching Lost, in the back of my mind I could hear a weird gnawing sound, but, because I was watching my favourite show, I didn't pay too much attention to it.
When it finally dawned on me that it wasn't a "good" sound I looked up to see Kort chewing on something. I asked "watcha got Kort?"...& he got up & brought me a small framed picture of my first collie Ben.
I have had this picture, in this frame since 1979, that's 31 years!yikes! Just one Kort deciding to get into mischief & that's the end of that!
Anyway, it got me thinking I should scan it in case something does happen to it. I was lucky this time & Kort only chewed up the frame....must have learned that trick from his friend Pixel ! LOL! The picture is so old that I don't even have the negative for it any more.....yes, negative!!
It scanned really well considering it is just wallet size!
So, here is Ben, in July 1979, on our way to the states where he got his Am CD, he was 4 years old.