Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Scenthurdle :)

I love this dog :)♥♥

Thanks again Wendy :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bark In The Park

Today was the 2nd Bark In The Park. It is put on by the Windy City Rescue to help raise money for the dogs in the rescue.
Kort & I did an Agility Demo with my Agility group, Go!Dog!Go!, then a Scenthurdle Demo with my No Nonscents team.
There were contests for the dogs & I entered Perkins for fun, he ended up winning for smallest dog! He was very happy with his squeaky toy prize.
I also entered the raffle & won a huge gift basket filled with all kinds of yummy things!!
Wendy was on hand with her booth but took time out to get some pictures of our team in the Scenthurdle demo, she sent me a few pictures to get me through until she has time to send the rest.
It was hard to pick the ones to put on here but so far these are my favourites :)......,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cute Perkins Picture :)

This is a picture of Perkins...I was vacuuming today & lifted up Kort's dog bed off the floor & put it on the chair....I turned around to find Perkins like this ! He is such a funny dog, he makes me laugh everyday ♥
This picture is for Brian ( Perkin's dad :) who is on holidays in Ottawa, & for Diana because she loves Perkins too & asked for a picture !

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Me & My Dog :)

Kort only competed in Scenthurdle last weekend so I had no pictures of him to post.
Wendy came out to the show on Sunday as she was photographing the lure coursing so I snagged her for a picture of Kort & I.....
I LOVE it ♥
thanks Wendy !

Catching Up

I am going to try & catch up on the past weekend, at least what stands out about it :)

Amanda & I headed out for Calgary on Fri. after work to attend the Evelyn Kenny Dog Show. We had been invited to stay with friends at their house which was about a half hr outside of Calgary. What a great place they have!, first off it has a huge property & it is all fenced, whoo hoo!! After being in the car for 2 hrs we were able to let the dogs out to run around & play. They were quickly joined by Jan & Dave's 4 Shelties & a small Chihuahua/Dacshund X.
One of the things that is difficult for me when I travel to dog shows is not being able to exercise my dogs properly. When staying at hotels there isn't alot of greenspace around so you end up walking along sidewalks, usually with busy traffic near by.

Perkins is in my care right now so he got to tag along & play "show dog " He was sooo good! I was worried that he would find it all too much to handle. There is alot of nervous energy at shows & trials. I set up my ex-pen, put his bed in it & he & Kort shared the space. Perkins got to socialize with all kinds of people & dogs & took it like he had done this everyday :)

I had pulled Kort from the trials to re train his high jump, so all he had to do was Scenthurdle on Sat. night. I was nervous he might not run, especially after he wouldn't here in Lethbridge 2 weeks ago. I did not have to worry, he was awesome !!! All the team was, we won a few heats as well.
All my team mates, as well as Kort, came home with their Scenthurdle Dog titles ( SHD ) & points toward our Scenthurdle Excellent (SHDX ) title as well !!!! We were there to 9 pm though as Scenthurdle is always after Best In Show, I wish they would change that.
Again it was so nice to come back to a house rather then a hotel, the dogs got to run around & blow off steam after being at the show all day.
We had our own suite in the house, with our own entrance, it was perfect. Jan & Dave have invited us to stay the weekend of the 29th too. We are attended another trial & doing Scenthurdle as well.

I have been practicing with Kort on the high jump. His main problem is he doesn't want to release when I say "over", so we are working with low jump heights & I am putting a food bowl on the other side of the jump. I have him sit & watch as I put some food in the dish, I come back & give him the release word. It is working very well, he flies over the jump to get to the food, then flies back over to get his reward for a nice "front" as well. The next step will be to have him bring his dumbbell back over the jump to me. Hopefully he will have a better understanding of what I want in the ring.
We will find out in 10 days :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kort ♥ Brit

Kort has lost his heart to a border collie named Brit.
She belongs to my friend Amanda. We went to a local park tonight to do some last minute training, afterwards we let the lovebirds run around for a bit......

After all that running they decided to cool off with a bit of a swim :)
Awwwww, young love :) :)

What to do ???

I have a big decision to make before this weekend :(
Should I pull Kort from the obedience trial? He has been struggling with the retrieve over the high jump for some time now, he refused it in Medicine Hat in May & has not done it once in Fun Matches.
I finally have my own jumps built & he will not jump them in the yard or in the building we practice in. He will go over it for food, or if I run along side him, but give him a formal "over" to take him dumbbell, nope :( He isn't jumping.
Soooo, putting him the ring at this point I think will just demote him even more, he is a dog that likes to please me for the most part, but for some reason he just doesn't get this.
He is not doing it on purpose, dogs don't think that way, "maybe I'll screw with moms head today & refuse to jump over & over again until she wants to stab herself :) "
Anyway, you get the picture, training has gone wrong somewhere & he needs to have his confidence built up again.
I still have scenthurdling to do on Sat. night, & I have lots of friends competing with their dogs that I can watch, but it will be hard & I will be sad.
I will take the summer to re train, he has another trial at the end of July, we will see how training has progressed & take it from there.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1 Year

♥ DAD ♥ March 19 1929 - July 12 2010

I hold you close within my heart
And there you will remain
To walk with me through out my life
Until we meet again

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Open Fun Match

Early this morning Kim & I traveled to Calgary for a Fun Match at Sit Happens. (I love the name !)
Kort did very good on most of the exercises, but now that we are making head way with the broad jump, he has started running around the high jump , I even called him a bugger in the ring :)
I am excited to have my own jumps now so I can finally get in some practice at home, seeing as we are in a trial this weekend.
Kort was also doing amazing on his long out of sight sits, but today he went down 3 times in the 3 minutes !! I had instructed the ring crew to put him back into a sit which they did. When it came time for the 3 minute down I made Kort do a sit again, this time he remained sitting :)
Kim got it all on video for me, except for the sits!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Never Too Early !

Even though I won't have a Flatcoat for a couple of years, I couldn't resist buying these collars when I saw them :)
I couldn't decide which colour I liked better either, so I got one of each :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Agility Pictures

Here are a few pictures for my friends that haven't seen them on Facebook ( Diana :) )
Thank you to Wendy Devent, who gives up her weekends, to sit on the ground for hours, in all kinds of weather, to capture these wonderful pictures of our dogs, you rock !!!!

Kort going up the frame, I think he likes this obstacle the best !......

Kort taking a jump......

I love how enthusiastic Kort is about getting on the table :)......

Here is Kort coming out of the shute, doesn't he look crazy !!......

Here is one of the few pictures Wendy managed to capture of Kort competing in Scenthurdle, I think this was the only time he made it all the way to the box :)......

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What An Awesome Weekend!!

Holy smokes did I have a great weekend.
Kort is so amazing it blows my mind ! He has all of a sudden become this awesome, willing to listen, mature boy :) He made me so proud !
On Friday we spent the entire day doing an Agility & Scenthurdle Demo at the Canada Day Celebrations.
On Saturday & today we had Agility trials, 2 each day, & last night after agility we competed in Scenthurdle!
Kort went in all 4 trials & Q'd in them all with 1st places each day in his class! He now sports his first agility title, AGNS !!!!!
They only time he was "off" all weekend was last night at Scenthurdle, he just could not get it together. It was like he had forgotten how to play. It was sooo hot out & it was at the end of an already very long day. I do not like to make excuses for Kort but I think the poor guy was just done :( Luckily our newest team members Sarah & Gyp filled in for us & were just awesome !!!
Amanda put the video below together for me even though she also had a very long weekend & is on holidays :) She knows how crazy I am & impatient to see any video or photos of Kort.
Thanks Amanda!!!
Enjoy the video :)......