Sunday, December 2, 2012

Real Friends

I got this email last night from Amanda, I laughed & laughed & laughed. It is in regards to the video that was on yesterdays post. I told her that if she was a true friend she would watch the entire thing from beginning to end & there would be a test :)
She watched the video lol!!!!
Amanda you made my night, you are a true friend indeed :)

the test.....

Kort stole the toy
Tate barked
you got their names mixed up
and then Tate got the toy
and then dropped it
and then he walked out to fetch it
and then dogs came and you called Kort
who didn't come
Tate didn't notice the dogs
and then there was frost
and it was cool
there was a park
whore frost. lol
Tate was stuck to you like glue
we watched him pee
and then there was a magpie
and it didn't talk to u
Kort ate a stick
Tate was frosty
Kort stole the toy
Tate beat Kort to the toy
and then they tugged
and Kort stole it
Kort dropped it
and then Tate got it
and then Kort took it again
Tate had a leap of joy when he got the toy (which was adorable!!!!)
and then Kort took it
and then dropped it
and then Tate picked it up
the FAR end of the park there was a walking/jogging thing
and you were annoyed
so you cut through the park
Tate was bored
Kort was fluffy
Kort was eating your shoes
you look crazy
Kort was handsome
Tate investigated the trees and it was oh so pretty.
So Pretty Pretty with no snow
you lost Kort briefly
omg December the first
Tater will be ll in four months
the people. you avoided
I have watched the video this far. and you owe me. big time.
you lost tater briefly
you were close to the playground.
and then you were gone until the lake
there were people fishing
the dogs walked on the ice
Kort had snow on his head
the dogs slipped on the ice again
goodbye Tate
Tate picked up the toy one more time..
the end

p.s Tate looks good!!
P.S.S You are probably known as the lady who never has her dogs on
p.s.s.s you owe me.


Paws on the Run said...

Thanks Amanda. Now I don't need to watch. I'm obviously not as good as a friend. I can barely handle 3 minute videos - 20 minutes would kill me! LOL

onecollie said...

But Wendy!! now you won't have the total experience lol!!

manymuddypaws said...

i nearly died. ;)

onecollie said...

come on Amanda, you know you loved it :)

Squishy said...

Amanda's a crack up!!!!!! It was a very, very long video but I'm thinking it was better than the one with the fire and wind and the backyard. You are so mean but I SOOOO want to visit and be in one of those videos with my collies & Taters & Kort & you!!

onecollie said...

Amandas a hoot for sure haha! she would never have watched that video if I hadn't "made" her hahaha!
I never expect that anyone will watch it but is is nice to know that some people actually tough it out lol!
Dianne watched it all too, but now you don't have to watch it all because Amanda gave you the notes version lol!
It is a great place to walk & clear my head, you would love it :)

Collie222 said...

:) honestly, watching a video of cute collies sounds like fun to me! Lol

onecollie said...

Collie 222, you can watch it, it is on yesterdays post, enjoy!