Monday, December 17, 2012

Kort's Second time tracking

Yesterday I went out to do another bit of tracking with Kort. 
He is so keen on this!! He makes me really excited.  We are still at the short , one track phase right now.  At one point you will see he stops as a dog & owner are walking by, but he goes back to work .  This was AMAZING! I have never, ever, seen Kort not whine & carry on when he sees another dog. We are talking 4 & a half years here of never, but he went back to his track!!!!!
Good Boy ♥

Kort's short lesson......


Squishy said...

So you never answered my question on your last post. What are you training Kort to do? I am so unfamiliar with this style. Is it for Urban tracking? I don't get the scent pads. Also do you not start him in a harness? Inquiring minds want to know.

onecollie said...

ok, I emailed you again, let me know if you get it :)