Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's A New Year

I have been very absent from blogging lately, you probably noticed.  Life has been crazy, and a bit overwhelming at times.  I'm trying to get a handle on things , trying hard :) Sometime I just want to escape & be with me, only me, & not have to think .

This is not a poor me post, I am not like that , but I did take a step back & looked at my life over the last few years.  I have had many many wonderful things happen! One of them bringing Kort into our home in July 2008, I love that dog !♥
But.....there has been other not so wonderful things go on as well.

2007, in October 2007 we moved to Lethbridge from the only place I had ever lived.  Brad had come here 6 months earlier for his new job, that meant I was in charge of packing up the entire house & all that goes with that, as well as closing down my own Grooming business. I also had to leave my family.  I really don't know how I did it, it was very stressful :(

2008, I started my new job with a Dog Daycare, I am still there, although I am slowly widdling down my hours.  The aches & pains in my back & hip are leaving me quite limited as what I can help with unfortunately.

2009, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, that explained alot !  I hurt all the time, all over, & because I hurt I can't sleep.  There are medications of course, but they don't really work, I just try to work through the pain but it isn't easy.  It makes me depressed sometimes as I am so young inside my head, but my body sucks!!! lol!

2010, my dad died :( 
It was horrible that I was here, I flew home & was able to be there when he passed away.

2011, Brad had his first bi polar episode since 2006, he couldn't work, & was hospitalized.  I had to keep on working , managing everything, house, dogs etc.
In Oct 2011 my younger sister Joanne was diagnosied with stage 4 cervical cancer, once again I flew home to offer my support.  It was a horrible ,draining experience, for all of us.  Joanne has since completed her treatments & at her recent PET scan there was no evidience of cancer anywhere else, & her original cancer has not grown , yippee!

2012, again less then 6 months later Brad has another bi polar episode, back in the hospital,  he is still not working almost a year later.  He comes and goes with his depression but he is fighting his way back :) 

Having my mom here over Christmas has been wonderful, but I have realized that I haven't been able to rest!  You know just chill on the couch, watch movies kind of chill.  I have been out with the boys for nice walks but I feel I have to hurry back as my mom is here, that's just in my mind I know, but still it's there .  Mom goes home on Friday & I am already sad, I don't want her to leave :( It has been nice to have her here to talk with.

There are some new changes coming this year , a puppy hopefully :)  I have some decisions to make with Kort regarding his dog sports, what do I want to continue with.  I just can't do everything anymore, it takes too much mental effort on my part & I just can't cope at the moment with too much thinking :)

Anyway, that the gist of things ,

Yesterday Wendy & I went out for a walk with Tate, Kort, Perkins(who I was dog sitting over the holidays) Coulee & Lacey, here are a couple of pictures thanks to Wendy :)


Squishy said... do need to just lay on the couch and watch videos. For maybe a week straight. I am glad your mom is there, but I am sad she's going back home too.....Life is such a juggling match all the time and just when things seem to calm down, work out, the car breaks, or someone gets sick, or you get the property tax bill and you have no money. You are like me and want to do so many things and don't have the physical (or mental) energy. But, picking and choosing is a good thing. I hope you feel better soon, blog more. You need to google natural cures for your condition. It's man-made. Love you Jolene! I can't wait to see your new puppy when he/she comes.

WigglyZack said...

What lovely pictures. A walk with the dogs always helps with lots of things in life. Hope 2013 is better for you and can't wait to see your new puppy!!!

Cynthia said...

Sounds like some very stressful things.... so nice to have the dogs to snuggle with. :) And it's true, having so much to do, some of the dog sports just have to go... I had to remove flyball from my repertoire. Not sure it'll ever come back.

Dianne SS said...

I think you do need to take a break and really rest up. Everyone is on the go all the time these days and it's causing so much stress plus auto-immune disorders flourish when the body and mind are stressed.I'm so glad your mom was with you for the holidays and you got a chance to be spoiled a little with her doing some cooking. It's been so many years since my mom was still able to cook and a lot of hard years since, and now being without her for what will be 3 years on January 29. I hope you can find ways to reduce and even eliminate the pain. ((HUGS))

Collie222 said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love your collies! :)