Thursday, January 24, 2013

This & That

I've been trying to wrote a blog post for a long time but it just never seems to happen.  As I read through friends blogs I see that alot of them are suffering from the same thing, maybe it's something in our water here .

I haven't been myself for sometime, just lots of things have happened, not only recently, but over the last couple of years, that have just been overwhelming for me.  I have always been a strong person, I've had to be, but this time I had to admit that maybe I wasn't so strong after all.  Thank goodness for friends that are supportive, I can't imagine what it would have been like had they not been around.

Thanks goodness for my dogs.  They are my saviours, seriously.  Often, the only time I felt ok was when I was out walking my dogs.  I would keep walking until I could feel the strain & pressures leaving me.  The joy of watching my 2 boys run around & play together always warms my heart & makes me smile.  Tate, who is going to be 11 in April, makes me cry all the time, but in a good way.  I feel blessed to have him still.  I am lucky he is as strong as he is at this age.  I saw that most recently at the Collie Specialty last weekend.  He was so excited to be there with me & I was excited to have him on the end of the leash again.  I got so many emails from Collie people saying how wonderful it was to see him & how much they could see the bond between us.  I don't want him to be 11 , I don't want him to be old, the time went to fast,  it always does. 

Kort will be 5 in May.  When did that happen?  Geez, my baby boy is going to be 5.  There are so many things I still want to do with him, but I have to concentrate my time on just one thing.  I realized I just can't do it all anymore.  Kort needs 1 Intermediate Standard leg, & 1 Intermediate Jumpers leg in CKC Agility.  I will finish off those titles, but then will retire him from Agility for now.  Perhaps when he is 7, & I can lower his jump height, I will rethink it. 
I will continue to try for his CDX, but I am no longer obsessed with getting his UD. I will also continue to let him play in Scenthurdle, he loves Scenthurdle :)
Tracking remains high on my list of things to do with him as well, but I am not going stress if I don't do it right now.

It seems this is the year of the puppy for so many of my friends.  It is hopefully the year for me to get my Flatcoated Retriever.  If all goes well my bundle of joy will be due around St Patty's Day :)
I have waited 2 years for this puppy, but will wait as long as it takes to get him if it doesn't happen this time around.
I never thought I would have 3 dogs.  I struggled at first wondering if I had the time for 3 big dogs, but I do, of course I do.  My life is dogs, always has been.  It wouldn't be much of a life for me without them in it. 

I mentioned earlier in the post about being overwhelmed .  I have since dropped another day of work, so I only work 3 days a week now, it is perfect.  I no longer feel overwhelmed, like there is no time to do everything.  I am feeling like Jolene again :)

So there you have it, a summery of what has been happening in the little corner of my world :) 


Squishy said...

I can't wait to see your little Flatcoat and all the baby photos and who you get. I hate when our dogs get older, but Tate looks great for nearly 11. I think taking him out to show was awesome. You are all about dogs and so am I.......I don't know what I'd do without them.

Dianne SS said...

I know what you mean about writing blog posts--I want to do one, but the last time I tried around New Year's, I couldn't post pictures, so that so discouraged me, I don't want to bother. I'm glad to hear that dropping a day of work has helped tremendously! I think I can't get anymore dogs, because I only have 2 hands, and my 2 demand patting at the same time!! St. Patrick's Day seems like a lucky day for a puppy!