Monday, January 7, 2013

My Mom ♥

Mom went home on Friday, back to Thunder Bay.  She was here for 2 weeks , the house feels so empty :(
It was awesome having her here, all to myself,  Brad gave us lots of girl time :), we had lots of laughs & lots of crys as well .  We talked about life, & remembered our family members that have gone already.
It was strange, seeing my mom in the condition she is now.  She had a stroke in 2011. She now can't walk long distances, so she requires a wheelchair in places like the airport.  I have to slow my walk down to accommodate her, I have to offer her my arm when walking across roads or slippery spots. She gets tired easily.  It's scary, I don't want her to be "old"
The dogs love her of course! Perkins loved her the most I think, he followed her everywhere & even slept with her, she wanted to take him home :)

It was also great to have her cook a roast one day, omg I miss her roasts!!! She always made a roast every Sunday when we all lived at home, at the time we all hated that she expected us to be there for supper, we had better things to do you know!  Now I wish I could have her roast every Sunday :)
 Anyway, I am already trying to figure out when I will take a trip back home to see her again, you are never too old for your mommy ♥


Squishy said...

You definitely are never too old. She looks great though and what a wonderful 2 weeks you had with her. You'll figure out how to visit soon!

Jenny Glen said...

Hard to be away from our Mommie's isn't it? I empathise!

Dianne SS said...

At last!! I've been waiting for a post about your mom's visit!! She looks pretty darn good! What a great 2 weeks you had together--may your next get together be soon!


It is always nice to have family around. Dad's brudder visited us.