Tuesday, January 29, 2013

To Change or Not Continued

Huxley 2000-2010
Grandfather to the puppies
Photo by Blazingstar
I am really enjoying the suggestions people are making for my blog title , to change or not change that is the question:)

I laughed when I read what Sarah wrote, herding & birding the 2 things I don't like doing lol!! I hadn't even thought of that, duh!  However.......I am thinking of doing the retriever hunt stuff with my Flatcoat!!!  I think it is something I will really like, & how awesome is it that all my friends know how to do it already & can show me, and not to mention that Liz has the awesome house on the prairie that has it's own fields & a river to practise at ;)

I am writing down all the suggestions so feel free to keep them coming , & there definitely will be a surprise for the person who comes up with the name I choose :)

So fun!!


Hydro Blogger said...

Ha does Liz know your plan for doing your field training at her 'awesome house on the prairie'? :)

onecollie said...

lol! no, but I think she does now hahaha! besides, they have so much room that they won;t even notice I'm there ;)

Jenny Glen said...

You may not like it but Kort actually has the ability to herd and he's in the herding group so it still works. Esp. if you do some sort of field training with the flatcoat.

onecollie said...

Jenny I know I need to get Kort out herding soon !!!
Amanda is going to take him on for me, when she has time, & I have the cash lol!

Anonymous said...

How about...

Collies are Kool


I love Collies and Perkins!