Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kort Tracking

Finally getting around to write about Kort's first lesson!  He was super keen like I knew he would be.

Things have changed alot since I began with Tate so it was all new for me as well.

In the following video you will see there are 3 scent pads, after the 3rd scent pad is a very short serpentine track. There is food on each pad, the idea is to gently pull Kort away before he finished all the food, this makes him eager & excited to get to the next scent pad . At the 3rd scent pad I have placed a piece of food in each footstep of the serpentine track.  My job was to cup my hand on each step to hold/pool the scent for Kort.  He had to go to each step to get the food, not skip over steps.
It was hard! Kort was really pulling although you can't see it.  Plus it was hard for me to stay bent over that long, my back was hurting lol!

I have to do this for about a month, twice a week.  It isn't as fun as tracking, but I have learned from all my other dog sports , that if you don't take the time to put in a solid foundation it comes back to bite you!! I want Kort to be a nose down, footstep tracker so I will do what I have to,
enjoy the video :)

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Squishy said...

So, I'm confused. Are you starting him on Urban Tracking? I don't think I'd like to bend over that much either!