Sunday, August 7, 2016

Training with Lync

Yesterday morning I went to Keho Lake with Judy and Liz to do some Retriever Training with Lync. I am loving learning this new to me sport.  Lync has his novice title , or WC, already and I would like to get his Intermediate title as well, or WCI.  Not sure we will ever get to the master level but you never know!!
I don't practice at all during the week so he is not a sharp on marking as he could be.  Marking is watching where the bumper has dropped when the thrower throws it.  At times he goes off to the side or past where it has dropped.  I am going to try hard to practice more. 
After training all the dogs got to play together and Liz took some great pictures of Lync. I rarely take pictures of Lync as it is hard to get good ones of a black dog.

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