Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Work- Month Two

Lots has changed since I started working.  I have gone from 5 hours a day to 6, from Tuesdays off to working them and from just bathing and drying dogs to being a groomer!  I swore I would never groom again but here I am grooming.  The bathing didn't work out because of my back pain, I just couldn't take the bending over the low tub all day. 
The good thing about grooming is the raise, I got a 30 cent raise on this cheque so I can't complain!  I am still nervous though, every day is new dogs for me.  At my own shop I knew all the dogs and how to groom them, but here I feel like such a beginner.  It will take time, I'll get over it , hopefully soon.  I always bring on extra anxiety that I don't need to so I am trying to just trust my talent and go with the flow.
Everyday I am getting more comfortable and my boss is doing everything to make me feel that way .   

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Congrats on working. In many ways it is nice to be around other people.