Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beginners Agility

Last Wednesday Lync graduated from his Beginners Level 1 Agility class.  I love going to classes, the barn is gorgeous, for a barn!, it is warm and clean, I do have trouble keeping Lync's nose off the ground however, he loves all the smells in the dirt :)

Beginners Level 2 starts this coming Wednesday but I will be in California picking up Ash so I will miss the first night, I am not too worried, Lync seems to pick up things quickly.

Here is a picture of our graduating class from the other night as well as the certificate we got  :)


margaret minetti said...

looking forward to seeing you guys at agility trials in the future. lynden i hope, we go there twice a year!!!


Pawtastic graduation diploma.


onecollie said...

Margaret, where do you trial?

margaret minetti said...

i do lynden twice a year, as well as every monroe and mt vernon(new facility in mt vernon, called fun fur paws, owned by a friend of mine). we do occassionally haul our butts to auborn for 1 day. we do about 10 trials a year. we have 5 competing this year so hope i dont have to cut back. our classes are mt vernon at country classic kennels(with the 2 young dogs) we do open practice either there or at funfur paws with the other 3. i know your in canada but that is why i suggested lynden as we get lots of canadians at that trial.