Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spare Bedroom

One of the positive effects of the Ambilify is that I feel normal enough , and have energy enough, to do things I have put off for more then a year.

This morning I spent a few hours cleaning and rearranging the basement bedroom.  Brad uses the bedroom alot when he is on nights, he gets home at 8am and heads downstairs , showers and goes to bed.  It works well as I can carry on with house work or training , or sewing and not worry about waking him.  So when I did the room today I did it with him in mind, I added a few pictures of him and his dad, and just made it comfortable for a big guy to maneuver around in a small space.  I really like it and can't wait for him to see it tonight when he gets home :)

TV with VCR for watching Boxing :)
Cozy with manly bedding , lol
My Baba's dresser!, Books and videos, Brads a big reader, I think it's super cozy!
Picture of Brad's Dad when he played professional football and Brad and his Dad.

Well that was short lived! so glad I thought to take pictures, Brad hated it :(   I ended up moving everything back to the way it was before, at least it's clean I guess 

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Dianne SS said...

Oh noooooooooooo!!! It looked so nice and you put so much thought and effort into it!! Men!! I've always said, if it was up to men, we would be still be living in caves, throwing bones on the dirt floor and picking fleas off ourselves!!