Thursday, February 26, 2015

Surprise ??

I'm getting a puppy.....yup, just like that.  He is in California and I am flying there on Monday and bringing him back on Thursday.
His name is ASH, Brad picked it, his registered name will be Entais Storm Winds, I picked it :)

5 weeks
My mom is angry with me for getting him, she thinks it is too soon, I have put up with smart ass comments on Facebook about how nice it must be to be able to fly all over and travel like I do to dog shows, I felt attacked and it sucked the joy out of getting this puppy , but just for a day. 
I ended up taking down every post I had put up of him on Facebook, and every picture.  I am done with the people that feel they have the right to comment on your business from the safety of their homes.  I was hurt, I am super sensitive, it matters to me what people think.

I love my dogs, fully, completely, whole hardheartedly, I would die for my dogs.  I need them in my life,  I went 2 years without a dog once, bad move on my part,  Talk about depression.  If I didn't have a dog in my life I would stay in bed all day, honest I would.

My dogs are fed before I eat, if I only had 5 dollars, I would spend it on my dogs first.  They want for nothing, I do everything to make sure they are happy.  So why then do people, including my family, feel I cant handle another dog?? In my opinion it is way harder and more costly to have an old sick dog then a young puppy.

I know it's my fault, too much personal information on Facebook being shared, but no more, I will still post, but just generic everyday meaningless stuff.  No more personal things.

I said at one time that the Collies were too hard to keep up now for me, Flatcoats were my breed for sure.  I didnt lie, they are! But, so are Collies.  I think alot of that was my depression and anxiety talking.
At this point in our lives Brad and I felt it was better to have a Collie then another Flatcoat,  Lync is big and strong and all muscle,  He is also pushy and strong and wants whatever Kort has.
Kort is pretty sore these days, so one pushy boy is good for now,   I will have another Flatcoat, Lyncs son I hope,  But for now the Collie is a better fit.

So stay tuned for pictures because you will only see them here for awhile, not sure I will ever post any to Facebook, we'll see :)

5 weeks


Nancy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that others feel they can run your life better than you. I can feel your strength when you talk about your dogs and I have no doubt they are the love of your life. Please post here because I feel you are supported by good friends. Ash is adorable and will fit into your home well. My collie, Molly, is my rock, my joy, and will always listen to my voice. I think collies have a path to our soul and know when they are especially needed. Keep up the sewing, I've enjoyed your dogs beds and it has inspired me to do some sewing myself.

Sharrie said...

Ash is adorable. The markings on his front legs are precious. I will enjoy watching your tri boy grow up. Your post says "strength" to me. He will be a joy to you and the others as you continue on your journey back to your healthy self.

Aleks W said...

He's adorable! Congrats :) I hope you have a great trip and I'm sure the boys will love him!

margaret minetti said...

i have been attacked by people thinking we had too many dogs, but my dogs are spoiled and well taken care of and being home all day they dont want for anything. those people who are talking about u flying all over to dog shows are the same people spending 30+ a week on coffee and eating out daily as well as buying motorbikes, boats etc. you choose to spend any extra money on a sport you enjoy so whats the difference. i have dev. a thick skin and dont tell anyone my business anymore either. i have 3 flatties and they are a handfull ,but they are all drastically different so be aware they arnt all as pushy and i would look forward to being on your future puppy list with your beautiful flattie! agility is my thing but i do occassionally show as well as do barnhunt.good luck with your new little man, and by the way nobody but you knows when to soon for another puppy is, its different everytime, stick with and let the blowhards blow!!!

Rebecca E said...

OMGosh!!!! How adorable is the name and the puppy. People are cruel and need to mind their own business. You do what's best for you and for your dogs. Love seeing them and reading about the updates on here, and of course the pictures!!!

onecollie said...

awww thank you all!!!! I feel more excited already!!

onecollie said...

Margaret, blowhards! love it :)

Are you serious about a Lync baby?? , you would need to contact Liz Saunders at Blazingstar Kennels, it will be her that does a breeding if she chooses. I have nothing to do with that :)
I know I waited 4 years for Lync so it is never too soon to be put on the list !

margaret minetti said...

well i love timbergen og blazingstar, he is awesome, will def. let her know and hell yes id love one of his. he has an awesome dad.


Congrats on getting the new puppy. We are still waiting on a tri-color girl here. As for traveling, we only have a three hour drive to Holmhaven.

Don't worry about what other folks think. Dog Dad and I know Ash will have a pawsome home.

Sherman & Dog Dad

Dianne SS said...

You know from private emails how I feel about the naysayers. Ash will be a wonderful addition to your home and I know your heart is more than large enough to love another puppy--and then some!! I really think Lync and Lanny should live together!! :)