Friday, February 27, 2015

Getting Excitied

Thank you everyone for all your kind comments and compliments on the dogs and I!  I am getting more excited all the time, thinking in just 3 days I will see my new baby!!!

I am slowly getting things organized in the house, I think I'm done, I have a crate in the bedroom for him to sleep in, and a crate in the livingroom if I just need to put him away for a bit & I can't watch him.

The rest of the stuff, like bowls, leashes, collars I already have a ton of.  

I moved the china cabinet to make room for the crate

The crate, the bed will not stay in there, it is Perkins old bed and I thought Ash would like to curl up in it :)

The blanket I made for Ash's crate in the bedroom, i just love this pattern!!!

Bedroom crate
The puppies got a bath today, Diana sent me a picture of them drying, Ash is curled up at the back of the picture

Ash is the tri curled up with his back to us

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