Sunday, March 1, 2015

Leaving Tomorrow!

Packing cleaning, packing , cleaning!  Leaving in the morning for Calgary where I will board my plane for California!! soooooo excited now!

I called my mom, we are good,  that takes a huge load off of me, we all want to please our moms.   I love my mom so much and hate when we don't see eye to eye.

About to call my sister as well, she is pretty sick this time around with her chemo treatments.  Soon she will loose all her hair as well, she will be most likely bald for her Wedding in May, I told her she should get a long blond wig!!

So this is my last post until I return at the end of the week!  Hoping for good weather and an easy flight!


Brian Yee said...

Hi Jo
I have not read your blog in a while! So happy to hear of the new puppy and what a cutie. All the best for your travels and new puppy. We will talk soon. Perkins says hello.


Have a safe flight. Look forward to seeing pictures of the pup.


Rebecca E said...

Have a safe trip!! I can't wait to hear all about him when you get back and see pics.