Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Going a bit crazy I have to admit!! The weather has turned cold again, which means I cant sit outside, right now I cant do anything with Ash as he isn't vaccinated fully.   He is just a baby but I feel like he is bored.   I cant train him 24 hours a day,  I try to find things for him to do but I am running out of ideas.
Lync is being so greedy, every time Ash picks up a toy Lync grabs it out of his mouth, today I got so annoyed and frustrated I put every single toy away.  There  is nothing out for them to argue over, peace and quiet, but boredom for the dogs, so they are sleeping.
I was given the ok by my vet to walk Kort and Lync, which I do everyday, but it still doesn't seem to be enough for Lync.  We have class tonight thankfully!

I leave Thursday for a dog show in Camrose.  I am so excited to get out of the house  and do something different !!  Last year I went by myself , it was the Collie National, this year Amanda is coming with me, she is doing obedience with Pixel and Brit, hopefully I will be able to get over and watch. 
I love obedience and will be glad to finish Lync's championship and concentrate on obedience only for awhile.   Ash will be old enough to show on July 5 so it works out perfectly if Lync does finish this weekend, then I will only have to worry about showing Ash.

That's about it ,  not much more to talk about , my life is not very exciting right now .

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Dianne SS said...

Can you barricade Lync from the room, so Ash has some time to play with the toys? Or put Lync outside for a little while? Sleeping is good though--dogs love to sleep!!