Monday, March 9, 2015

Quick Upddate

I sure don't have much time to blog right now!  Having an 8 week old puppy in the house is very very time consuming, if he is not sleeping I am on alert watching the play between him and Lync ( Kort pretty much ignores him ), making sure he doesn't have to pee or poop,  keeping him away from things he finds fascinating , like electric cords, or catching up on housework. 

Ash is wonderful, he is very very confident, almost like a mini adult! I can't explain it, he is just mature beyond his 9 weeks of age!

I have began clicker training for different things, like sit, down, stand.  He comes to his name when called as well.  I have started platform work for stays and started the trick of spin to his right.  It was so funny the other day when I waited to see if he could do it without the lure, he thought for a moment then turned, to his left !! hilarious as I had only lured to the right .  At this age I only do the work of 10 treats, I put them in my pocket and once the 10 treats are gone we are done.

Kort and Lync are a bit bored right now, I am not walking them at all as I don't want to bring anything home to Ash who has yet to get his first vaccination.  We have been spending alot of time outside in the yard doing things, thank goodness it has been mild out!  I took out all the patio furniture yesterday so I had somewhere to sit.

I also took Lync to a herding instinct test yesterday, Ash got to come along and after Lync was done I held him up to see the sheep and he was pretty fascinated by them !
The test was a fundraiser so I thought I why not support it, Lync didn't pass but he tried really hard and wagged his way through the whole thing, very cute !  The evaluator commented that had he been on sheep a bit more he probably would have passed!  That is most likely the Collie coming through.  Flatcoats were actually bred with Collie's way back when to help give them the pretty heads they have today.

Love his solid black collar !
That's about all the updates I have for now, gotta be quick and get more stuff done before Ash wakes up!

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margaret minetti said...

i always thought the head came from the setter in them