Sunday, March 22, 2015

Busy busy busy!

Having a new puppy sure cuts into your free time!  It will be worth it in the end though and it only lasts for a few months so I don't mind!

Ash is so confident it amazes me, and athletic! he can bounce off the ground already! I don't encourage it of course as he could hurt himself,  but he does it when he gets excited, like at meal times. 
He is so smart, he knows, sit, down, back up, spin right, and we are beginning heel position.
He is also beautiful!  I can hardly wait to start showing him!

Here is two videos of the first time he tried stairs, and he decided on his own it was time, nothing to do with me ....

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The video really made us smile. Hopefully a new collie puppy will find its way to our home soon.