Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scent Hurdle

Kort continues to impress me with how quick he is catching on to this new "game". Tonight at practice we did more scent discrimination & Kort picked his dumbbell each time, one time he picked his up, dropped it, went & checked all the other dumbbells, then decided he had the right one the first time! He has yet to get it wrong!
Then we split up into 2 teams & did a practice race, it was the first time most of the dogs had done this & they all were great. I put Kort's dumbbell in a different spot each time & he brought it back each time!
Kort & I are both enjoying this so much!
Here is a picture of Amanda's Wicca looking for her dumbbell during a race.

If you want to check out our team go to our Scent Hurdle blog listed in my favourite blogs to the right...we are called No Nonscents!

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