Monday, January 2, 2012

Through Coulee's Eyes :)

Wendy got this super cool head camera for Christmas this year. She tweaked it a bit so Coulee could carry it on walks & get a dogs perspective. Yesterday on our walk Coulee wore it, you can see it around her neck in the group picture from yesterdays post. She was such a good sport carrying it with her but unfortunately it shut off after only 3.5 minutes so we didn't get any video.
Wendy was able to get some stills from it though, 1 was of Kort racing around & one was of the 3 of us walking! I think it is super cool!!! You can see the pictures below, you can also see Coulee's chin in the top of the pictures :)


Paws on the Run said...

I quite like that one of Kort chasing Lacey. Who knew Coulee would be so artistic in her compositions. ;)

Squishy said...

That is so funny! I also love the Kort photo. It's beautiful!!!

Dianne SS said...

That is pretty darn cool!! Coulee has a future as a photographer!!