Sunday, April 14, 2013

How Is This For You?

How is this for you?  5 simple words that are soon to make a huge difference in Kort's life.

I attended at seminar this weekend by Suzanne Clothier. My mind is so filled with new knowledge that it hurts !  What an amazing , gifted , wise, honest, truly awesome speaker Suzanne is.  Her insight into dog behaviour is so simple, yet I never was able to understand it so clearly before I listened to her speak.

How Is This For You?  Ask your dog this in EVERY situation you put him in.  Look at him, really look at him.  Watch, observe, listen to what he is telling you.  Is he panting, head jerking around looking in all directions, whining, barking, ?  If so, he is stressed. Is he eating, sleeping?  If not , he is stressed.  The situation you have put him in is not a place he is able to be in right now.  You need to step back, before the situation becomes "sticky" & start there.  Figure out what you can do to help your dog overcome his worry or anxiety.

There are many skills Suzanne offered this weekend that are going to help me with Kort.
As I sat listening to her on the first day I knew I wouldn't be putting Kort in our Obedience Trial in June.  I really really wanted to enter, it's our first trial here, in my own city...BUT...Kort has clearly been telling me this is not a situation he is ready for. I need to go back, waaaaaay back, I need to get Kort comfortable again with just being in a training situation. I need to work on the calming techniques that Suzanne showed many many things to do.

I am excited to begin, I need to go over all my notes again & make my plan.  I will never look at my dogs the same ever again.

I will always look at them & ask, "How Is This For You?


Dianne SS said...

This sounds fascinating Jolene. I would love to learn more.

Koping Weims said...

Wish I could have Suzanne I have followed her teachings for a long time now and her one booked helped me so much with a reactive dog situation. I have long believed in never pushing my dogs if they are not ready to deal with something...I have pulled from events for that very reason...slow and steady really does win for you and your dog.


Squishy said...

Does she have a book?