Monday, April 13, 2015

Superstar !

I went for a walk today at Keho Lake with the 3 dogs, it was worth the 45 min drive as I was the only one there, perfect! The dogs ran and ran and played and swam a bit, after I decided to do just a couple of bumper throws for Lync.  I would really like to try for his WCI , working certificate intermediate, this year if possible .  That means doubles, 2 ducks thrown apart from each other , one after another, the dog must remember where the birds have landed so he can pick them up,  this is on land and water.
Anyway, I did a single first then a double, well hot damn if Lync didn't surprise me by finding the second Bumper!  I was very impressed with him and I'm going to make sure to keep up with the training.
There is a seminar in August I want to go to with him, I better start saving my pennies!
Here's the video from today......

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