Thursday, September 8, 2016

Saskatoon Dog Show

The entry of Flatcoats for the Booster

I am finally getting around to posting about my Dog Show trip to Saskatoon.

Lync took Select Dog on the first day only giving him another 2 points toward his Grand Championship.  He is now up to 16 points and needs 4 more.  His next show wont be until November now so it will take me awhile to get those 4 points I think.  Now that I am working it is harder to get to the out of town shows.  Lync is out of coat right now anyway so waiting for a bit is probably a good idea.

The trip was also a good learning experience as we had a lot of dinners out with some of the pillars of the  breed like Hans and Margareta Berin from the great Prairielight Kennels.  I loved listening and learning from such experienced breeders.

All in all a great time and will look forward to returning next year!

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