Sunday, February 26, 2012


This picture of Kort is one of my favourites! It was taken by Amanda.
Someone decided they liked it as well & "stole" it from my blog , put the Assistant Branch Manager slogan on it, & then it went viral!
I have been seeing it pop up on business sites, breeders Facebook pages & American Rescue organizations! When I see it I alway write them to say who he is, at least they will know whos dog he is, his name & who took the picture.
At first I tried asking people to take the picture off, but that didn't work, so now I just enjoy seeing Kort be a famous face :)
That is the risk we take for using the internet I guess.


Dianne SS said...

OMG!!That's unbelievable!! It's really exciting that Kort is so famous, but kind of a little scary that people can use our stuff without asking and it can show up amywhere. Can a person copyright pictures used on blogs and FB?

onecollie said...

I know Flickr pictures are copyrighted, but I don't think there is much we can do about Blogger. My Facebook is protected as I have the "friends only" settings on everything

oddman said...

It IS a great pic, Jo. Sorry it got 'stolen', but he is gorgeous, and now... famous too!

Go Korty!


Squishy said...

I had someone steal on of my low resolution jpegs of a b/w painting of a horse I painted and she was selling small stamps on Ebay with that artwork on it. THAT did NOT make me happy. It is the risk with the internet. About the only thing you can do is put a big copyright watermark across your photos so it makes it too hard to photoshop out and use.

Blazingstar said...

Bummer about it being stolen - I have had that happen too and it really bugs me! Even if they took it from Blogger, it's still YOUR photo, and it's still stealing. You could always add something to your blog reminding people that the photos belong to you and asking people not to take them without your permission. People can always ask you if they want to use your photo - and my guess is that you would say "yes"!

Teva says "branch? that's not a branch, i'll show you a branch" lol!

Debbie said...

How awesome to be so famous! congrats.