Saturday, March 17, 2012

More Christmas Videos

Ok, here is another 2 videos for you :) You can see how I drive my family craaazzzy!! However it is me that is like the family historian. I have always been the person who takes tons of pictures, & now videos. In my family that is a good idea as people kind of drop off like flies LOL!
Here you can see Katie who is now a mom of 2, Jadyn is 3 yrs old & Avah is 6 months. Katie is my cousin Judy's daughter, I have talked about Judy alot, she was very close & special to me, she died of a brain anyurism on my birthday in 1996, Katie was only 16 yrs at the time, how proud Judy would be right now to see Katie married & a mom of 2.
In these videos you will see Katie's husband Brad, my brother Brian, sister in law Wendy, my Uncle Billy, who I refer to as Papa, he is Judy's dad, Katie's grandfather & Jadyn & Avah's great grandfather.
Enjoy !


Squishy said...

The baby can't move because she's velcro'd to the floor and has to look at you!! Hahaha!! Your pooooor mommy eating stuffing because she's starving AND I want to eat those jelly beans. If I was there they'd all be gone before any kids got there!! So funny! Too bad you couldn't of had Tate & Kort there to run around and beg with the coffee table!!!! Heheheheheeeee!!!!

onecollie said...

LOL!, I think I ate most of the jelly beans, but don't tell, I blamed it on Jadyn!