Saturday, July 14, 2012

Houdini In The House ???

Last night we had some serious magic going on here :)
I went to bed about 11 pm, I did my nightly routine of letting the boys out for a pee, I ABSOLUTELY remember them coming in, Perkins first, Kort second, Tate pulling up the rear.

Brad went to bed about an hour after me.  It is so crazy hot here that we leave all the windows & doors open at night to cool the house down.

I am a super light sleeper & at 5 am. I heard a bark, I sat straight up in bed to listen for who it was, I heard the bark again, it was Tate, OUTSIDE!!!!!!! 

I bolted out of bed & there he was , standing outside. I woke Brad up & he said he positively DID NOT let Tate out, I believe him, because as I said, I am a seriously light sleeper, & I did not hear the door opening after I went to bed, so how did the bugger get outside, & how long was he out there ???? lol!!!

"Hai :) I wuz outside & I ain't tellin how I got there", hee hee :)


Dianne SS said...

LOL! And oh my, what a mystery! Has someone figured how to open a door?

onecollie said...

thats what I'm wondering Dianne, but if he did it was purely by accident, he was maybe laying there & it opened, it sure freaked us out, we went outside to make sure that gates were still locked!

Kim said...

Perkins did it :))

onecollie said...

hahaha Kim!!! I think you're on to something!!

Squishy said...

I would be so stressed!