Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Update

Kort in his Jumpers run on Saturday, taken by Wendy of course ! :)


Trial # 1,
Kort got his 1st Intermediate Standard Q & also won the prize for the Highest Scoring Herding dog in a Standard run!
He NQ'd in his Ist Novice Jumpers run by back jumping a jump

Trial # 2,
Kort NQ'd in Standard by dropping a bar
Kort Q'd in Novice Jumpers to get his first leg!

There was also Scenthurdle after the trial, our team has injured dogs so we didn't run but we stayed & volunteered , it was soooo hot!!!!


Trial # 3,
Kort NQ'd in Standard by getting 3 Refusals, a wrong weave entry, running by a jump, & almost taking the dogwalk instead of the tunnel
Kort Q'd in Jumpers giving him his 2nd Q!

Trial # 4,
Kort NQ'd in Standard by dropping a bar
Kort Q'd in Jumpers, after getting a re-run, giving him his Novice Jumpers With Weaves title !!

We also came home with some awesome prizes from the Volunteer draw & the Raffle, one prize was a 42" expen, whoo hoo!!!!!

What a great trial it was, although it was terribly exhausting, we are a tiny club, & just a handful of members do Agility, so we all are pretty exhausted given the heat factor, as well as running in 8 trials in 2 days, setting up & taking down !
Many people from out of town stayed to help take down tonight & we are so grateful.
I think Kort & I are going to sleep for a week!

These are our prizes from the draws....all for my "Rook Box" , I think I will need another box :)


Squishy said...

Yeah on Kort's Q's!!! And yeah on the prizes! It must be hot all over the west. What is hot in Iglooland in July?

onecollie said...

I think the temperatures hovered in the low 30's, so in Farenheit it would be low 90's, but with the humidity it was much hotter!!
I got really dizzy just before my last run, people were holding water bottles on my neck etc, scary

WigglyZack said...

wow, you guys did great especially in the awful heat!!! Congrats.

Squishy said...

That's hot enough. I think it's around 100 degrees here now. Being inside all day does not help my tolerance for it. Be careful & especially with the doggies!! I do not like summer shows and try to avoid them because of the heat. Arabian horses do much better for sport in the summer!

Dianne SS said...

I had a taste of doing 4 runs on a hot day on Saturday! We were hotter up here and with the humidity it was something else!! I think Duffy handled it better than I did! Nice prizes!!