Sunday, November 4, 2012

We Did It!


On Sat. I drove up to Red Deer with Liz.  It was an awesome one day trip, I got to talk all about Flatcoated Retreivers!

It was also Kort's first time back in the ring since August 2011 when he had his meltdown.  I have worked so hard to bring back the old happy, non stressed out, Kort.  I can't say he wasn't stressed in Red Deer, but he was able to work through it & remain focused on his job.  We were rewarded with Kort's final Rally Excellent leg to give him his title & a pretty good score of 93/100! 
In the video you will see on the back up heeling Kort wraps behind me, this causes me to step on him , I felt bad but was very proud of Kort for bouncing back & continuing to work for me :)

I could not have gotten Kort back to this point by myself, so many thanks to Amanda for helping me to work with Kort.  Amanda & I don't always agree on everything in regards to Kort & his training, we have had our share of disagreements, but it is finally all coming together  !!

Here is his video from the trial....A very very proud moment for me , how I have missed being in the ring with my buddy ♥


Munster Madness said...

Way to go!!! You guys looked awesome :-)

manymuddypaws said...

He worked through the stress pretty well Jo! I actually think he got better as it went on. Good Job waiting him out and keeping it up beat for him!

Dianne SS said...

He did have stress going on at the beginning, but like Amanda said, he got better. He just doesn't do an automatic quick sit very often does he? Duffy is exactly the same way. "Sit? You're sure you want me to sit? Okay then!" I loved the video with him unzipping the kennel door!! Houdini!!

Anonymous said...

Again..huge congrats great to watch I was so happy for you and Kort.


onecollie said...

Dianne, the no sits are his stress sign :(