Sunday, February 2, 2014

Trick Workshop

Lync at 5 months
 Yesterday morning I took Lync to Amanda's trick workshop.  It was alot of fun & we worked very hard teaching the beginning stages of various tricks.
You can see a video Amanda made of the workshop here, watch for Lync, you can see him in some of the clips working on a couple of things, one being to play the piano :)
I chose to teach Lync a bow, as well as play dead.  I will name them "ta da" for the bow, & "bang" for play dead.
Tricks keep the dogs mind engaged & working, it helps them to problem solve & think for themselves, in turn making them a more confident dog, that is not afraid to makes mistakes. All these things will be useful for Lync's career in performance events.

The Denise Fenzi courses started yesterday but I am going to begin them today, I was so tired yesterday, I came home & fell asleep in the chair & woke up at supper time!  I had mentioned before that I  have lost some stamina, working with Lync is fun but tiring for me.

I will eventually post videos of Lync's tricks when he has them mastered.

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Dianne SS said...

Pretty cool!! I look forward to seeing Lync's video's once he's mastered the tricks!!