Thursday, January 30, 2014

2 Months Post Accidient

Yesterday I saw my Dr to discuss what the orthopedic surgeon had to say.

I found out some things that I was not previously made aware of.  For one, it could be 6 months for my fracture to heal, not 6 weeks like I had been told.  Here I was thinking that either I was a big fat baby, or something was very wrong.  I was also told to not use anti inflammatories such as Advil or Motrin as they can inhibit the growth of bone.  Interesting, perhaps I should have been told this , lets say, 2 months ago????

The orthopedic surgeon also looked at my xrays & said my fracture is healing, there is some deformity there, but as long as it heals that is no biggy.  The problem will arrive if the deformity causes me to continue having pain, or if it is actually the deformity that is causing the pain to begin with.  They won't do another CT scan, which would tell them for sure,  for 6 months from the date of the accident, so that would be May 20th.  If I am in pain still at the end of May I will get a CT scan.  I am hoping I will not be in pain still, if I am that is another big can of worms.  He mentioned opening up the thoracic region to repair the deformity, ewwwww!!! No thank you!

I can do most day to day things now which is a relief.  I feel pressure/pain when I do anything like try to open a stuck pickle jar lol! Anything that pulls at my chest.  I take my time doing things like making beds or vacuuming, everything just slow & easy & I'm ok. Walking the dogs is a bit scary still, Lync is a puller but he is making great progress in learning not to.  I am getting him used to having a halti on so I can walk all 3 boys together.  We are just in the "put it over his nose & head stage", click, then take it off.

Coughing, throat clearing or sneezing continue to the scariest things ever imagined, I panic if I feel the urge to sneeze.  I find grabbing & plugging my nose is the easiest way to stop the sneeze.  The coughing/throat clearing ends up making me sound like a little old man who has smoked one too many cigarettes in his life, I have to do short teeny little coughs to avoid the pain.

I am battling a bit of depression/anxiety though.  I just don't feel myself, everything is a chore, especially if it involves leaving my house.  I don't mean I am sitting in a state of depression, I am actually quite happy right now, more then I've been in awhile.  I think that there has been so much that has gone on in my life in the past couple of years, that I am just done, totally & completely done in mentally, burnt out.  Right now there are no demands on me to do anything and I think it is slowly helping, I'm just not quite there yet.
I don't want to leave the house unless I "want" to leave the house.  Not sure if that even makes sense.  This involves everything from, dog classes to Dr appointments.  I have struggled with this for awhile now, nothing new there, it's hard, I can't make people understand it, make them understand that going out of the house doesn't always help me, sometimes it just makes my anxiety worse.  I do however enjoy leaving the house to travel for dog shows, I'm a seriously messed up gal, ugh
I do of course do all of the above things, I go to my dog class, I go to my Dr appts, but I can't wait to go back home, here is where I am the happiest.  I enjoy the quiet, no tv, no radio, just birds chirping.

So there you have it, the update 2 months since the dreaded accident. 


Dianne SS said...

Don't you love how they don't tell you stuff! Do they know why there is a deformity? I sure hope that doesn't end up being a long-term problem for you. We seem to be in similar boats--I don't want to go out either. I get all anxious, especially about some of the things I have to go out and do. Maybe we have SAD? Just when we had a half-decent week of weather, it goes and gets all cold and windy again. I guess all we can do is to hope that things get better, that we feel better, and that spring comes early--for a change!! ((HUGS))

onecollie said...

back at ya Dianne!
I think the deformity is probably due to all the crap I was doing, that I shouldn't have been doing, when I was in the early stages of my recovery :(
The bones probably shifted & now they are healing crooked or something, I have a big lump mid breast now too, it's no biggy unless of course the deformity is what is causing the prolonged pain.
The good news is I have a great Dr, he told me not to let the insurance company make me take a settlement, they are giving me peanuts anyway, like $115 a week only! as I was part time before my accident, it's ridiculous how they can get away with that. I have never made a claim in all my years of driving. :(

Anonymous said...

I broke my right humerus 13 months ago and can tell you how hard doing anything was. 45 minutes to put on a sports bra, it was stretchy and one piece. I slept in the recliner for 4 months. I learned to do a lot of things left handed. Take the little victories, like not having to use your stock stick any more to help put on your underwear!

Squishy said...

Bird sound so right! You need time off and wtf on your doctors not telling you the right info on drugs and healing time. I'm sure your break will be fine and you'll feel better as time goes on but apparently it's long than you thought. Maybe that's a good thing!