Thursday, January 23, 2014

Solid Foundations

Tate gets his Agility Dog of Canada Title
 Yesterday I signed Lync up for the Performance Fundamentals class with Denise Fenzi.
Denise is an amazing trainer, she believes in all positive training. This particular course is being taught by Deborah Jones however, a great trainer in her own right.  I have so much to learn & I'm eager to work with her methods.  I signed up for the bronze class, I have full access to all the video, questions asked, but I don't have to actually video my homework, nor do I get feedback on what I'm doing , but that is just fine.  I have amazing trainers around me that I can ask questions of if needed.

One of those amazing trainers is my friend Amanda, & last night was Lync's first class with her.   It was fun but man I had forgot how difficult it is to keep a puppy brain engaged for an hour! Lync did awesome however, he only had a few moments of realizing their were puppies scattered about the room that he could have fun with!
Lync will be the 5th dog I have trained in obedience.  I said obedience & not performance because when I trained my first Collie back in 1975 there was no such thing as Agility, Rally, or Nosework, there probably was Scenthurdle but I had no idea what it was.  I took Ben to one puppy obedience class, we needed to bring our choke collar & were taught how to pop them to heel properly, in Open we were showed the correct method of an ear pinch to take the dumbbell, so very sad, I wish I could have a do over with Ben, he was amazing.

With Drake my second Collie, I only did conformation classes, he was my first show dog & that is all I really wanted to do with him.  I did eventually get his Am. & Can. CD, he finished his Am CD when he was 8 years old !

Tate only had conformation classes as a puppy as well.  I never did put a CD on him, my only dog without one, we do however have our Rally Excellent title & I really had to work for his last leg, he was so not an obedience dog lol!

Kort, oh Kort, he was my first dog that I started off in a positive training puppy class.  I remember the first night, he barked & whined,  he still barks & whines.  Kort is my first reactive dog.  He has taught me so much, most importantly the need for a solid foundation, without it you are just asking for trouble later on.

So back to Lync, I can tell he is going to be amazing, it is up to me to follow through with all the necessary training & homework to give him the best foundation I can.  I think we are off to a great start & I am looking forward to our future in the world of performance events.


Tammy Taylor said...

Great minds think alike :) I did the first puppy one last session and have entered this one for this session as well as precision heeling.

onecollie said...

cool Tammy! I'm looking so forward to it!! hows Jigar!

WigglyZack said...

That's so great. Lync is just what you needed



Squishy said...

That is so cool he's in this class. Isn't it just amazing the bad training we did way back when? I guess I've always been a rebel and told my first obedience instructor that using a choke chain was NOT the only way to train a dog. I didn't know any other ways but just know there are not absolutes with things. But, I ended up falling into that trap and luckily I had a very strong collie that could deal with my horrible mistakes (like having the side of her ruff shaved down to a 1/4" where the choke chain rode up and down her neck. She needed work to bring her attitude back and when she did, she was awesome, but never truly reliable as she could fall back into the poor attitude easily if I wasn't paying attention. Anyway, I bet Lync is just going to be a kick to train and he'll probably pick things up really quick. You are better and he's a different breed. Collies can be so touchy! Can't wait to see tragically long videos!