Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fun Match

Today I took Lync to a Fun Match for the first time.  He did so well, I am very proud of him !! It was in a building he has never been in, there were lots of dogs & breeds he had never seen, and he took it all in stride.

I showed him in the Puppy Sweepstakes and his breeder Liz took him in for the regular match.  He moves much better with Liz handling him, for one she can move much faster then I can, & two she knows how to set up a Flatcoat to get the best out of them.

I am so happy with him, he has stolen my heart, no doubt about it, I'm in love!  I am excited to have a dog back in the conformation ring, I am happy I don't have to show him too!  I just get to sit back and watch.  I think he will do quite well from what I see right now, and he is only 4 months old!   He reminds me of my first conformation collie, Drake, they just had a presence in the ring you know, it was hard not to look at them.

He was a good boy in his crate as well.  I am so looking forward to next weekend in Calgary.  We have lots of work to do though.  He needs more experience being examined, it is so hard for a Flatcoat to stand still while they are wagging so hard :) 
I need to practice having him show his bite, I'm not worried about that, eventually all dogs are accepting of this. 
We need more experience with dogs running behind us as well .  Show classes are starting up on Jan 21 so Lync & I will be going to those once a week.

Here is a video of today's match if you would like to see it :) ......


Collie222 said...

I think he had fun, which so important at this age. If they view dog shows as fun, they will always look happy and alert in the ring.

I'm a little confused, why was he up against a poodle? (It's been a long time since I attended an all breed puppy match, but I thought they competed against other puppies in their own group?)

onecollie said...

Collie 222, yes he was against the Poodle for Best Puppy in Match, he won best Sporting Group Puppy & she won best Non Sporting group puppy, there wasn't very many breeds entered.

Dianne SS said...

The waggy, waggy tail says it all!! I like your comment about being back in conformation, but not having to do the showing!! A win, win situation--and with lots of wins for a championship!!