Monday, January 6, 2014

Too Much Thinking

My brain hurts from trying to remember everything right now!

If I get my van back today I have an appt. first thing tomorrow morning to have the interior cleaned.  Then I have my xray on my chest at 3:35, then my chiropractor appt at 4.  Then I need to remember to call & bug my Dr to look at my xrays before he goes on holidays, he is ALWAYS on holidays!

Pixel is coming tonight for dog sitting, I have Scenthurdle practice on Thursday, there is a Fun Match on Saturday that I am putting Lync in but I need to groom him before.  I will not bath him though as the following weekend he is in a 'real" dog show in Calgary, entered in the baby puppy class.  This is a relatively new class for puppies 3-6 months.  I also will need to clean Kort up a bit too.

I think I will stay overnight in Calgary, I have Scenthurdle with Kort on Saturday night , & Flatcoats are on at 8:30 the next morning,  so it makes sense.  The problem is I didn't book benching & now I will have 3 dogs in tow & no where to put them.
Hopefully we can snag some benching in the area they have put aside for those who did not pre order.

Tate does not do very well away from home anymore but I will have my own room so he can wander around & not bother anyone.
This will be my first time driving this distance since my accident, so if the weather is at all bad I will not go, I'm not ready yet to travel on anything other then dry roads. 

Once my van is cleaned inside I need to make an appt. to have the windshield replaced. I can't book that appt. until I know I am getting my van back, ugh, see , too much on my mind.

There are so many things that I need for the house, I really really need my wheels, like now! please & thank you!!


Tammy Taylor said...

If I can make it down to the show on Thursday night and find a spot - you can have my reserved spot in obedience. There was only obedience spots left when I entered even though I am doing conformation only now.

onecollie said...

thanks Tammy!!!!

Squishy said...

Weeks like this make me crazy. I have one sorta......and already missed one appt. I felt like a total loser especially after I told the guy I NEVER miss an appt and will call. You have so much to do! I can't wait to see pics of your new van and also Lync in the baby puppy class!!!! And what is it with your doc always being on holidays????? How rude is that?????? And I can't believe you have a bench show to go to??? I think we only have 2 left in the US. Not sure exactly, but the Cow Palace & Westminister come to mind. How cool ~ I hope you find a spot!!