Wednesday, January 22, 2014

AKC Show

Picture take by Liz of Lync competing for Best Baby Puppy In Group
 Slowly getting caught up on everything since last weekend at the AKC Show which was held at the beautiful Spruce Meadows.

Lync was such a good boy, handling the noise & new smells & hundreds of dogs, people, & general madness that goes on at a dog show in stride.
He was a good boy in the ring, behaving so maturely and came home with Best Baby Puppy In Breed.
He had his first hotel stay but stayed with Liz in her room as I was competing in Scenthurdle with Kort until late that night, Liz says he also handled that well too.  What a good puppy he is.

Scenthurdle went very late, we finished at 11:30 pm, it was a long day for Kort as he was also at the dog show all day with me.  He was quite tired near to the end of the racing, he had to run in every single race as we were down one of our teammates.  When we got back to our hotel room at 12:30 am. he jumped on the spare bed & didn't budge until morning, poor guy!
It was worth the trip and Kort came home with his Scenthurdle Masters title!! He even got extra points that will be toward his Masters Bronze title.
The Scenthurdle Masters title requires 500 points!  Well done Kort, well done!

While I had a wonderful time it took alot out of me. Gone are the days when I take 3 dogs along and compete in various events.  I will have to do better planning that way I think.  I'll figure it out though, nothing is going to stop me from doing what I love, I just have to plan things better next time.

Lync in the ring with his handler Pat


Dianne SS said...

We're getting older!! Can't do things like we used to, that's for sure!! Congrats to both Lync and Kort!! Kort's a trooper!! And Lync is adorable--you've got a great future with him!!

Collie222 said...

Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment!

Squishy said...

Have I said how much I LOVE Blazingstar's photos!! Omg!!! Beautiful and a beautiful puppy! Congratulations on a great weekend and Best Baby Puppy & Kort's Masters Title! Wowwwzziiieee!!! I would have died if I had to stay up that long. You are tougher than me.

onecollie said...

Liz takes the best photos! I am so lucky :)
I almost did die, just sayin lol!