Friday, January 10, 2014

A Bit At A Time

Handsome boy after his groom :)

Today I had the windshield replaced on Lucky.  While it was there they installed a new wiper motor, so now I have front wipers, hurray!

I found out my cruise control doesn't work, ugh, just add it to the list , my heat however came on after a half hr of driving & stayed on for about 20 minutes before going cool again.
I made an appointment for  Monday to have the coolant system flushed,  as well as getting the thermostat checked. I have also asked them to check for leaks in the fuel line as it smells quite strongly of gas.
Even with all the crap wrong though,  it still feels fantastic to be out driving in my own vehicle, I was able to do some stuff with Lync, I felt happy & sad at the same time.  Sad because there is so much wrong with this van, it's just sucking away any money we have tried to save. :(
One thing at a time, that's what we are doing, it will get there eventually.   Poor Brad has a bunch of work to do on his own car that he has been putting off while working on mine, he needs his car to work properly as he has an hours commute each way to work.

Tomorrow Lync is in his first Fun Match!! I am so excited!  I had Brad put him up on the grooming table for me & I did his ears , feet & nails, he looks so handsome.  I just can't stop staring at him.  For one I can't believe he is mine! For another he really is a handsome Flatcoat & I can't wait to see how he does in the show ring as he matures.  My main focus for him however is still obedience.  I can't wait to begin doing more.
Next weekend I will be in Calgary overnight.  Liz or Pat will show him there.  I think I will just let them show Lync in the regular shows all the time.  I just can't move fast enough to make him look as good as I know he will look if someone else shows him.  It works out well as I get to videotape :)


Collie222 said...

Collies own my heart, but I really like Flatcoats!

Dianne SS said...

Lync is getting so big!! You posted his weight on FB--I couldn't believe how much he weighs!! The van--how frustrating!! But it will all get fixed in time. Good luck at the fun match!!

Squishy said...